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  Low: 11:29 AM / 0.45 m. High: 5:19 PM / 1.11 m. Low: 11:10 PM / 0.46 m. Sunrise: 6:12 AM. Sunset: 8:02 PM.

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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

1:51 PM. Thu, Jan 29

I'd do her!

1:47 PM. Thu, Jan 29

Do not buy Halal certified products.

8:26 AM. Thu, Jan 29

He would definitely be ahead of the greek that Abbot has the hots for.

5:23 PM. Tue, Jan 27

The PM should Knight HB....

4:19 PM. Tue, Jan 27

We do have swell though.

9:51 PM. Mon, Jan 26

well said, the problem with political jokes is that they get elected

11:15 AM. Mon, Jan 26

Stop picking on our glorious leader. He is the best PM we have had since the last one.

10:52 AM. Mon, Jan 26

Its really is that bad isnt it. The guy doesnt believe ANYTHING he says

9:26 PM. Sat, Jan 24

did Abbot promise that there would be no development at malabar Headland?
Cause given his track record doesnt that mean thee will be a development starting in 3 weeks

1:49 PM. Fri, Jan 23

1:29 PM. Fri, Jan 23

A stern reminder about not being a fukwit.

7:57 AM. Fri, Jan 23

Looks like the Bali 9 ring leaders are going to get shot. A stern reminder about going to Indo.

10:50 PM. Wed, Jan 21

A kid gets a moment of glory and a p***k comments but had he won a world title he'd be blood sucking for free entry to the after party.

5:01 PM. Sun, Jan 18

It's geese. Jeece. Actually, Jackson Giles is not a bad young bloke. Doesnt usually ponce about.

8:42 PM. Sat, Jan 17

Stop ya moaning 80% of you gooses can't surf anyway.

4:49 PM. Sat, Jan 17

That fken jackson giles peac**king around like he owns the fken beach because he did an air reverse once fck that

2:16 PM. Sat, Jan 17

What the fk is Carve anyway. Thats a rhetorical question. Its some s**te product that takes away the only passable 2 banks on the whole fkn beach and leaves the southend dribble for the 9000000000 punters who cant do airs.

11:08 PM. Fri, Jan 16

Yep! As if the beach is not crowded enough with a wank Carve contest to push everybody up the southern end!! All the would be hopefuls looking for glory! Good luck wankers!! and f**k off soon so we can have our beach back!!

4:03 PM. Fri, Jan 16

How goods the bowlo

4:27 PM. Thu, Jan 15

Yep - will be out there again this arvo.

12:12 PM. Thu, Jan 15

What ridiculous numbers are in the water in January. Clearly the most amazingly pathetic month of surfing I can ever recall. Absolutely precarious yesterday over the southern half of the beach.

10:57 AM. Thu, Jan 15

At least your mate will get a root. Junior's Sunday night for desperate and dateless chicks I say :)

10:04 PM. Wed, Jan 14

As a change in conversation, I pulled a nice single mum from the Juniors bingo day and she left her c**ktail glasses she won after she left. Best part was I finish minding my mates house today and relocated mine so when she returns to collect them. WIN WIN....

2:23 PM. Sun, Jan 11

How GOOD is this HB. Sunny all week while the MUGS are at work getting money to fund us and then rainy all weekend. Perfect for the club for a few ice colds :)

8:25 AM. Sat, Jan 10

Houso God

8:36 PM. Fri, Jan 9

Houso bog

2:14 PM. Thu, Jan 8

HB you are a true hunter and gatherer - yours is the real paleo diet.

12:13 PM. Sat, Jan 3

tides are not quite right on the photo.

7:45 AM. Wed, Dec 31

Daley is out. This is because of his campaign "Let’s keep Michael Daley". Ratting on your own party is never on.

5:58 PM. Tue, Dec 30

Non smoker of cse and VB, just fine thank you. Got a couple of Garbo mates fm woolhara council who still collect bins from the rich. They get more beer than needed so I am always close by this time of year.

2:48 PM. Tue, Dec 30

How'd ya go for Xmas HB? Slab of VB and a carton of Winni Blues?

3:28 PM. Mon, Dec 29

Better than shooting IN elephants......

6:23 PM. Sun, Dec 28

Labor or Labour their both bloody useless, Liberal or National are not any better. The balance of power is run by a bloke that shoots elephants.

2:41 PM. Sun, Dec 28

The left in the NSW Labour PArty is what I was referring to...Please read without blinkers.

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