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  High: 4:59 AM / 1.26 m. Low: 10:51 AM / 0.41 m. High: 5:24 PM / 1.72 m. Sunrise: 6:48 AM. Sunset: 5:14 PM.
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Waiting 0 hrs 52 mins for sunrise at 6:48am

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9:06 PM. Fri, Jul 29

How good is Lexo. Send me ya email address so I can send you what a decent job and having a go pictures of world trips surfing, beautiful women and a decent life is ya fat turd.

8:59 PM. Fri, Jul 29

Probably beat your dog and kids Lexo mutt.

5:30 PM. Fri, Jul 29

11:14 AM. Fri, Jul 29

I drove home ya FW! As usual, up Fitzgerald and left into New Orleans :) Ya can see if there are RBT cops before you get in the car. Too smart again.

11:13 AM. Fri, Jul 29


8:54 PM. Thu, Jul 28

Load of crap, 10 schooners and a tray and esky in lexo would have got you murdered 20 yards in.

12:30 PM. Wed, Jul 27

They are a rubbish team that should have merged when told to do so.

6:26 PM. Tue, Jul 26

Wanna win games Souffs fans.......get rid of Burgess's all em and let the mother have a crack. Any sheila that pops out them monsters has to have a bigger ticker.

7:52 AM. Tue, Jul 26

Thta's it for Soufff's

6:58 PM. Mon, Jul 25

Went down the Imbas yesterday arvo, put $10 in the pokies and got $50 back. Had the Lamb Shanks ($12 on special) and put ten in the raffle and got a tray of Snapper fillets and an esky of prawns. 10 Schooners later off home to lexo…..

6:21 PM. Sun, Jul 24

I dont need relighion to tell me how to act. Religion does good but their god story doesnt add up or even get close.

12:16 PM. Sun, Jul 24

Yes, anyone who thinks there is a God is an idiot. Have a look at how many religions there are: If there was a God there would only be one.

All I know is pussy is warm, VB is cold, KFC tastes good, the houso is low rent and the dole gives me money.

Don't need anything else. I'm up the Imbas for the arvo to save my heating bill.

11:04 AM. Sun, Jul 24

So the Bible tells me to love my neighbour, not to steal, kill, love me mom yadda yadda and I'll get an afterlife. The Quran says the same in a different way. I'm beginning to think it's all a bit of a hoax.

11:15 AM. Sat, Jul 23


Another multi-cultural attack in Munich. Good this open door policy.

10:36 PM. Fri, Jul 22

12:49 PM. Fri, Jul 22

Yes, left wing nutters.

11:19 AM. Fri, Jul 22

we got a bigger problem now?

8:57 PM. Thu, Jul 21

Attack in Merylands. Won't be long now:


8:26 PM. Thu, Jul 21

Still the staff does not get paid. Commuity Board, go f**k yourselves!

6:53 PM. Thu, Jul 21

The bowlo board can lick me sweaty caggz !!!

10:46 AM. Thu, Jul 21

The Bowlo Board are trying to milk busnesses again. See here:

Maybe they should pay outstanding wages and super. They are a disgrace.

7:06 PM. Wed, Jul 20

I made a bid on the bowls club under expressions of interest........

2:28 PM. Wed, Jul 20

I think it will be 2.75 years so they can sit on their fat arses collecting their filthy lucre. Only the Government gets to call early elections. They can’t roll Turnbull and even if they did who has the guts to lead and put in the right wing agenda we need.

2:18 PM. Wed, Jul 20

IT wont be 2.75 years before the next election. it will be much sooner.

11:10 AM. Wed, Jul 20

if politics changed anything in society, it would have been outlawed decades ago.
No go and do as Gina wants you to....

10:48 AM. Wed, Jul 20

We won’t know the Senate makeup until mid-August and Parliament won't be back until the end of August. Did anyone miss these people while they were doing nothing but grovelling for this spots? Outcome, left wing Liberal smashed, Labor Party got the second lowest vote in their history and the ultra-left Greens lost 1/3 of their primary vote. Have they woken up? Nope. Best to leave the posters up. Its the only way you will know who is in for the next 2.75 years.

7:26 AM. Wed, Jul 20

2 on the ground - Anzac Parade next to Athletucs field

6:26 PM. Tue, Jul 19

Any political posters left up?

1:56 PM. Fri, Jul 15

12:03 PM. Fri, Jul 15

2:51 PM. Thu, Jul 14

He will have to learn to like vollyball :)

11:42 AM. Thu, Jul 14

ask Koby, he should know that.

10:57 PM. Wed, Jul 13

Does Ukraine have surf?

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