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  High: 4:35 AM / 1.50 m. Low: 11:23 AM / 0.37 m. High: 5:23 PM / 1.15 m. Low: 11:09 PM / 0.44 m. Sunrise: 6:39 AM. Sunset: 7:36 PM.
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Waiting 3 hrs 30 mins for sunrise at 6:39am

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  10:17 PM. Fri, Feb 23

  7:49 AM. Fri, Feb 23

so hoiw many muslims drowned last night? i've seen 2 copters and a boat searching the water at 1am last night

  7:32 PM. Thu, Feb 22

the big mulsim swell has arrived! allah akbar!

  7:02 PM. Thu, Feb 22

Big Muslims???????????

  5:40 PM. Thu, Feb 22

Few big f**kers came through south end this arvo.......

  1:25 PM. Thu, Feb 22

Turdbull the zionist plant has got dutton and morrison under his thumb knocking back a reduction in mass migration . Zionists agenda . Kalergi plan .

  12:42 PM. Thu, Feb 22

Now I feel sorry for muslims. Most of those countries have a fairly low standard of living.

  8:57 AM. Thu, Feb 22

I voted for Pauline :)

  10:16 PM. Wed, Feb 21

This s**t proves your all so f**king ignorant about Muslims your letting them f**king Jews steal your jobs quality of life and anything else the c**ts can and you arseholes voted in a government that donates aid to them half wits the lot of you.

  5:21 PM. Wed, Feb 21

Its serious fact. No surprising really when you look at the map. Big populations and Wahabisim.

Image result for Muslim Countries of the world

  4:01 PM. Wed, Feb 21

Did alright for a janitor than. An me a milkman.

  10:17 AM. Wed, Feb 21

360 million. right. so it was a comedy.

...or is it the zombie apocalypse

  10:09 AM. Wed, Feb 21

nice drop

  9:16 AM. Wed, Feb 21

  7:48 PM. Tue, Feb 20

I agree, every 5th mulsim is a f@cking terrorist but doesn't know about it yet.

  5:49 PM. Tue, Feb 20

It is exactly 360 million terrorists...... That is what was stated.

  10:47 AM. Tue, Feb 20

So you are both must be brothers if your dad was doing that dude's milk mum. laughing

  8:41 PM. Mon, Feb 19

yeah you're dead right my old man was dooging the tea lady that was your mum.

  7:54 PM. Mon, Feb 19

1.8 billion muslims in the world. 1 in 5 are supposidly terrorists. That's 360 million terrorists.

Are you sure it wasn't a comedy you were watching? Maybe a mockumentary?

  6:00 PM. Mon, Feb 19

Never made a mistake you mappat. You probably grew up with a mother that rooted the milkman while your old man was dooging the tea lady. Went to a private school and are now a paperboy.

  4:32 PM. Mon, Feb 19

Judge jewdee

  4:30 PM. Mon, Feb 19

  3:19 PM. Sun, Feb 18

Good doco on last night showing 1 Muslim in 5 is a terrorist. I guess they got that right. Jai is a perfect Muslim.

  6:30 AM. Sun, Feb 18

  11:39 PM. Sat, Feb 17

What's a mappat? You muppet.

  8:28 AM. Sat, Feb 17

It was probably a Houso. That is what the sign over means. They are a nothing bunch of low life bringing down property values.

  8:58 PM. Fri, Feb 16

what the mappets those abbertons, lucky for him he didn't invade my flat, he wouldn't made it out on his own, f@cking muslim f@ck!

  4:26 PM. Fri, Feb 16

  2:36 PM. Fri, Feb 16

good on malcome, no more f@cking in the office MP office, it's not what we pay they money for political prostitutions

  10:49 PM. Thu, Feb 15

yes Malcolms recent attempt at pandering to public outcry does include sweeping statements regarding American politians

  6:22 PM. Thu, Feb 15

I see Malcom Turdbull has just banned sex between Ministers and Staff. Does this include up the head jobs, gays and arse? As you know, that left wing scum bag Bill Clinton said he did not have sex with Monica :)

  7:22 PM. Wed, Feb 14

I've jsut spent whole day at hoon pool, got tan and look like a niga now.

  7:50 AM. Tue, Feb 13

could be worse...

  6:39 PM. Mon, Feb 12

Read this from the indiginous activists from WAR

Imagine if we made such insulting remarks about them. 18C all the way and lose you house and assets. Fair?

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