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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

7:05 AM. Thu, Jul 31


Stop spreading bad advice. All you need to do is go to Doc Tayher and get put on sickness benefits. Or find some old loser in houso and get them to make you their carer for $20 a week. BTW, if they ACTUALLY make you go, fall over and go on compo.

10:53 AM. Wed, Jul 30

Looks like I am going to have to get stuck into the job applications again ha ha. The unemployed have a ratings schedule and, if you are over 50, they never actually check if you applied for a job or not. We are rated just below uni students who are also never checked for the validity of their job aps. You just have to look the the local rag and say you applied. The system is always flawed. You just have to look. HB.

9:31 AM. Tue, Jul 29

Coogee owes $140K and looks like closing unless Drummoyne Rowers buys them out. You are up against it when the RSL want to sell so the good ol boys can get on the piss. Then again, they did risk their lives for the country so no bagging them I suppose.

12:22 AM. Tue, Jul 29

Wanna save the what they did at Coogee.....they have survived just about everything.

2:02 PM. Mon, Jul 28

Yes, RSL Sub Branch wants to sell to developer for housing or some such thing I heard. There was a meeting at the bowlo Saturday. They are broke and asking for money. They have no lease apparently so it will probably just go.

10:37 AM. Sat, Jul 26

heard the RSL is considering selling the Bowlo to a developer

2:56 PM. Thu, Jul 24

I'm sick of drinking metho after 10 so I'm good with it :)

8:08 PM. Wed, Jul 23

There is going to be a bottle shop. This is not a good thing.

5:59 PM. Wed, Jul 23

Some big meeting at the bowlo Saturday. Just got an SMS. Think they are closing.

9:43 AM. Wed, Jul 23

They will let me in for sure but if its going to be a party pub again, God help Maroubra.

5:12 PM. Tue, Jul 22

They are working on that pub! Think they will let you in HB?

3:26 PM. Fri, Jul 18

Ta much.

1:38 PM. Fri, Jul 18

Deleted and reported as spam.

1:33 PM. Fri, Jul 18

CRAIG. We have been violated. Please delete that bitch with her gambling trash site up in the surf wall.

9:34 AM. Fri, Jul 18

The bowlo has good food and beer and a range of wine. You can get De Bortoli Triple tails for about $8 per glass and less if you buy a bottle. They do sell Scared Hill which is horrid, Chateau de houso.

12:28 PM. Thu, Jul 17

Not really. u could turn it into 5 shops

12:47 PM. Wed, Jul 16

Its the lay out of the pub! it would be hard to make something of it

11:47 AM. Tue, Jul 15

Someone told me that the bloke from the Clovelly Hotel is going to take over the Bay Hotel. The food in there was excellent....was a shame to lose it after such a short period. Hit the Bowlo on Friday night. Food was great. Beer was great. Wine selection was disgusting.
At the Bay, you could get a great wine by the glass for $7-8bucks. My mrs would rather have that than the crap at the bowlo coz she is only gonna have a couple of glasses anyway.

8:33 AM. Mon, Jul 14

the pub has such a crap layout

you cant get anyone in there anyway...

The new theme wasnt that great ether

3:31 PM. Fri, Jul 11

Drink at the bowlo. Beer better at lower cost and awsome food Friday-Sun.

2:28 PM. Fri, Jul 11

What about the Pub. Shut again because no one there. Spent all that money doing up and now shut again. Good thing for Maroubra?

3:35 PM. Tue, Jul 8

BAZARA - All that marketing ends up on your bill. Could be a good thing for Maroubra. Could be a bad thing for Maroubra. Its a perspective.

2:09 PM. Tue, Jul 8

8:00 AM. Tue, Jul 8

Anyone been to the new cafe down the beach?

Bazara? they must have some money behind them! every bus has there sign on the back, and the big poster on the walk bridge near the french school on Anzac parade

Seems to be alot of people down there too

7:55 AM. Tue, Jul 8


7:12 PM. Mon, Jul 7

Ha Ha Ha

Rolf Harris mural

Think I'm going DULUX

6:05 PM. Thu, Jul 3

Yes, Friday (17:00) Saturday and Sunday. Best food in Maroubra.

3:42 PM. Thu, Jul 3

IS the kitchen still open?

8:46 AM. Thu, Jul 3

Yes, but the Bowlo needs people using it to survive. There is no other place in the BRa that could have done the PPP but without people joing up to the bowlo and drinking and eating there it might go.

11:08 AM. Wed, Jul 2

I had a run for 15 mins at the PPP bowlo fun run. I had a great time and it made me feel pretty good. I saw a few rough diamonds down there doing but compared to the functions and events run by that gang of thieves called the "Ma Foundation" (where all the money disappeared and the creditors were never paid) it was a great event and very worthwhile.

6:51 PM. Tue, Jul 1

I agree, how good is the Bowlo. That was awesome. $100K for charity. Just goes to show what can happen when you f**k off thieving staff and directors with no morals as they did in My 2013.

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