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  Low: 1:33 AM / 0.31 m. High: 7:23 AM / 1.30 m. Low: 1:06 PM / 0.39 m. High: 7:39 PM / 1.79 m. Sunrise: 6:58 AM. Sunset: 4:52 PM.
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Waiting 9 hrs 54 mins for sunrise at 6:58am

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4:59 PM. Sun, Jun 16

US rejects 300 refugees from Anus island and Nauru.

16 Bond St will welcome those people for a greatest party!

9:37 AM. Sat, Jun 15

16 Bond st is the best! Our ladies will be signing all night tonight! Join 16 Bond st, you will not be disappointed. BYO beer, ciggies and other party stuff.

Tonight's list of songs contains Midnight Oil songs to support unti Adani cause.

4:46 PM. Fri, Jun 14

Bond St
Sh*t banks
Global warming

2:00 PM. Fri, Jun 14

Good to see ADANI on the move. Jobs over Greens and Vegans.

12:51 PM. Fri, Jun 14

Image may contain: text

2:18 PM. Wed, Jun 12

16 Bond St supports global warming this is the reason we burn natural wooden pallets in our BBQ and it's welcoming everyone! BYO ciggs and beers, out pro pill testers will test any pills you bring.

8:04 AM. Tue, Jun 11

Yes!! The most trusted of all media! And even better, they've listed Facebook as one of their own research sources! Intelligence all around! Save some smarts for the rest of us, would ya...

6:14 PM. Sun, Jun 9

5:12 PM. Sun, Jun 9

So is Jesus.

4:49 PM. Sun, Jun 9

Global warming is coming!

11:03 AM. Sun, Jun 9

Image may contain: outdoor

10:57 AM. Sun, Jun 9

8:31 AM. Sun, Jun 9

9:05 PM. Sat, Jun 8

I still believe fish and humans can coexist peacefully, no need login.

5:30 PM. Sat, Jun 8

Ditch the wall entirely - it's a stain on an otherwise useful and enjoyable website.

10:28 AM. Sat, Jun 8

Not sure about log in. People will just dump Brasurf and use facebook.

10:27 AM. Sat, Jun 8

10:04 AM. Sat, Jun 8

Most people have dynamic IP addresses. Even brasurf runs on a dynamic ip address internet provider. So, yep, that won't help.

I might switch the wall to use something like so it will require a login.


8:10 AM. Sat, Jun 8

10:28 PM. Fri, Jun 7

VVVVV is it possible to ban I.P. addresses on this site?

8:41 PM. Fri, Jun 7

Boring as bat s**t. Why would adverisers stay?

3:42 PM. Fri, Jun 7

up up the fkin SNOWDROPPPERRRS

8:31 PM. Thu, Jun 6

Must have been the swell.

Wall cleaned.

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