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  Low: 2:12 AM / 0.32 m. High: 8:39 AM / 1.68 m. Low: 3:09 PM / 0.24 m. High: 9:05 PM / 1.34 m. Sunrise: 5:40 AM. Sunset: 7:42 PM.
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Waiting 8 hrs 25 mins for sunrise at 5:40am

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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

11:47 AM. Sat, Nov 22

What ya reckon,

There ahve always been "white pointers" at Bondi in summer....

8:26 PM. Wed, Nov 19

Ha, you reckon they will target ol' Bob. They love me down there because I am polite, undemanding and consistent. They have so many of my neighbours give them s**t that I am about 5k's down the list.

7:27 AM. Wed, Nov 19

I'm sure HB will give them the slip :)

2:31 PM. Tue, Nov 18

Marginalise the minorites who have little or no voice in main stream media.

Always makes for sensationlised reading and increased sales for Murdoch and his media on their crusade of fear mongering !


11:27 AM. Tue, Nov 18

They are after you again HB

10:21 PM. Mon, Nov 17

Serves ya right for driving with a bus that had Rabbitohs sitckers all over it.

10:19 PM. Mon, Nov 17

Give you a tip. There is no middle east areas in this city or any other city, if your talking Lakemba you dolt, there is more Koreans and Greeks per capita there, next stop Bankstown? Predominately other persuasions. If your talking Muslim population per captia your still increasing your stupidity levels.....Stick with it.

10:31 PM. Sun, Nov 16

post more rascist stuff, cause that really makes our world better, or not try and figure it out...

8:51 PM. Sun, Nov 16

And your (sic) a catholic? You must be so proud!

8:48 PM. Sun, Nov 16

You go to Yemen bad boy. Why the fk would I bother and if those fools want to go and fight in Syria, I dont actually care. Good riddance. You should go over an fight against them. Get rid of you too.

2:12 PM. Sun, Nov 16

More like its the truth

Do gooder, try on saying your a Catholic in Yeman.....

4:02 PM. Sat, Nov 15

Take that racist crap down boss.

8:18 AM. Sat, Nov 15

Tourist troubles...
My wife and I decided to take an organised trip to a Middle Eastern area to see for ourselves what the place was like and all the trouble was about.
It didn't start well when the bus on which we were travelling broke down a few miles from of our final destination.
Dave, the bus driver was worried.
We found ourselves stranded in a third world s**t hole with streets full of angry bearded types glaring at us...
My wife stood out in her brightly coloured sundress as all other women around us were wearing head to toe burqas.
As the crowd closed in we were extremely scared and convinced that we were in deep trouble.
Then, Dave the bus driver suddenly remembered that Lakemba had a train station, so we were able to get safely back to Wynyard.

11:14 AM. Fri, Nov 14

Yes, the Luderick and Bream are thick in the SW wash Clovelly. NE wind up your arse and you'll bag out (now down to 10 each). BTW, too good for work ay HB. I'm off fishing with the tide.

7:30 AM. Fri, Nov 14

There is no one fishing Cloey at night. I live right there so give us all a break from throwing all this burly onto the wall to attract a little comment.

11:02 PM. Thu, Nov 13

No need to go a groper at Clov been fishing the night high tides and smashing niggers and bream, a mate dive late and said fish were thin, I laughed.

10:08 PM. Thu, Nov 13

Shoot a groper at night. Really? Get your hand off it.

12:34 PM. Thu, Nov 13

i bought some of the cone bay barra and it was the best fish i've had in years!

6:54 PM. Wed, Nov 12

Yes, its been a bit rough to shoot a Groper at Clovelly at night.............

1:17 PM. Wed, Nov 12

Those students you have living there wouldnt care about pillies or Salmon. They would love that stuff.

1:15 PM. Wed, Nov 12

Butterfly'd the Pilchards (sardines) cooked on the Barby last weekend and they were bloody beautiful so you must be talking through your bum. I didnt buy the skunks but they had albacore, arrow squid, mussels, pippies, orange roughy, wild and farm prawns (all australian) Barra from Cone Bay, ling and lots of other stuff. The squid with chilli oil on the Barby thrown into a rocket salad is also unreal. They gave me the recipe. Shame on your critique! It shows ignorance. I expect you cook your groper on the barby using laminate for flavour!

7:23 AM. Wed, Nov 12

Fish and trap bait for dinner. Yuck!

8:34 AM. Tue, Nov 11

Cleanfish Australia in Baker Street opposite Mutch Park. Top quality seafood, labelled with honesty and from measured sustainable fisheries. Only open Saturday mornings. You can buy Aussie Salmon and pilchards there for your students if the fish arent biting.

10:59 PM. Mon, Nov 10

Get them delivering junk mail, you can increase your productivity.

12:10 AM. Mon, Nov 10

Pru Goward abusing her power in a Labor safe seat.

1:17 PM. Sat, Nov 8

Do they pay with the "furry" cheque book?

10:40 PM. Fri, Nov 7

Hope they don't develop the south point, I wont have anywhere to grow my dope since they moved me into a 1 bedroom flat overlooking the harbour. I dont like the city but 3 uni students living in my lounge room and 1 on the verandah helps me supplement my RMYC mooring for the runabout. Funny they love fish my flatmates but they are not much on conversation. Very quiet if the fishing is off. What do they expect for 500 per week each.

8:55 PM. Fri, Nov 7

I doubt Houso Bob is in concurrence with the sentiment below. Not Working Brings Freedom.

9:44 AM. Fri, Nov 7

Arbeit Macht frei

9:41 AM. Fri, Nov 7

they are only for the rich ,everyone else gets an ash tray

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