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  Low: 7:51 AM / 0.47 m. High: 2:11 PM / 1.21 m. Low: 7:50 PM / 0.71 m. Sunrise: 6:46 AM. Sunset: 4:56 PM.
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Waiting 7 hrs 18 mins for sunrise at 6:46am

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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

1:57 PM. Sat, May 23

Pitty the Bowlo is sacking staff and not paying super on time if at all........

No way to treat people who need work in teh Bra.

8:07 PM. Wed, May 20

This week at the local Bowlo.........

8:05 PM. Wed, May 20

Probably robs Grannies on pension day going to the ATM

5:03 PM. Wed, May 20

The rant also shows that Mr Overblown Testosterone thinks that he is part of some intimidating cult that scares the good folk of Maroubra. In fact, he is just another exploited fool imitating his alpha mate and threatening his exploited neighbours who wish he would head back to school and learn; well, anything.

3:57 PM. Tue, May 19

One thing that comes out of that rant is people in the west are in dire need of better english lessons. I didn't understand a word. And they are Minto Soldiers you turd.

2:53 PM. Tue, May 19

Houso Bob busts many a nut ...
in his butt

7:50 AM. Fri, May 15

And why would i want to?
You think you are a hard nut. Houso Bob could crack a walnut in his butt cheeks.

11:01 PM. Thu, May 14

Houso Bob your a soft c*** yu'd not last a week on the streets of the Minto Warriors or the Captown Killers ya suft s**t wuld last breathe in our s**t

12:47 PM. Thu, May 14

Houso Bob only has empathy and tears for Struggle St. Its a little crazy and sad because it seems every generation is abusing the next as they spiral down towards hell on earth. When you see how some tenants survive, you can understand why the public housing office love low maintenance, minimalists people like me.

5:46 PM. Wed, May 13

It’s amateur hour houso Bob. The claw back is all IT upgrades and given we do everything in cash (from selling stolen goods to drugs) these mugs don’t have a clue. I’m checking out struggle street tonight to see if I can give them any tips.

1:20 PM. Wed, May 13

Come down to the BOWLO 23th May at 7pm and help raise funds for the Nepal Disaster.

All wellcome.

1:16 PM. Wed, May 13

Come and help raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake Disaster. all wellcome. at the Bowlo.

7:58 PM. Tue, May 12

Houso Bob, $1.6 billion cut from the welfare over the next 4 years, sure up your standings and cultivate a friend up at the Junction , I did and she's a cracker in the cot, loves a beer, is uncommitted and wants none. The perfect lifestyle has almost come to fruition. Bondi had waves today and a few good lefts today and avoided the opal payments there and back.

7:02 PM. Sat, May 9

Holiday in Cambodia

10:52 AM. Fri, May 8

Have been told this morning that Muy has to move out of the place she is currently staying. I you have anywhere she may be able to stay, please post it here and I will get the info back and set up contact. Tks. She has a cat.

11:09 PM. Thu, May 7

What a dog, good on the bloke from El Toro for giving her a start and your right she is a lovely lady. Lets hope our taxes get the bitch Ing and send her packing back to Cambodia, probably a refo boatee

10:53 PM. Thu, May 7

If she is legal Dept of Industrial Relations love cases like this.

4:10 PM. Thu, May 7

Your kidding me! Has she got somewhere to stay? Don't shop in the other shop. Is it the one with ATM at front? Thought it was odd closed suddenly.

10:28 AM. Thu, May 7

Have you heard about the lady from the milkbar/juice shop - Mouy. For 13 years she worked for that bitch who used to own the shop next to the Northend cafe...Ing from Cambodia. About 90 hrs/week for around 400 dollars plus a slum flat upstairs. A while back the bitch sold the business. You think she told Mouy? The first she knew was the new owner coming in and telling her she was sacked. No super. No severence. SFA and on the street. I tell you what. There are some deadset deadbeats in the world who will crap on anyone for a dollar. The bloke up at the El Toro has given her a job...and why not. She is a saint. More updates to come.

10:00 PM. Wed, May 6

Why did we bother trying to save smak dealers? Oh they reformed only because it was the only chance to save their miserable skins. Bad luck you got caught bad luck you got shot. Stiff s**t you knew the rules.

9:35 AM. Wed, May 6

What a sad reflection on humanity the previous poster is...

2:02 PM. Tue, May 5

Yes, struggle street, could be lexo except we have a beach. And the government wants to take money off pensioners. How about forced labour camps in Afghanistan for houso losers?

On Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso she probably got the furry cheque book out. Probably got shot in rather than shot!

2:11 PM. Sun, May 3

Houso Bob's family on Struggle Street. This will be good.

7:48 AM. Fri, May 1

Aussies dont know how to utilise bakshish,
The Phillipines do!

7:10 PM. Thu, Apr 30

The Philippines saved one of their own what the f**k happened to us?

9:19 AM. Fri, Apr 24

ICAC findings to be overturned. Here come the compo claims.

What sort of incompetant government is this?

8:21 AM. Thu, Apr 23

Belle Gibson

This "person" is now admitting fraud.

And getting paid by Women’s weekly to say so with the cops doing nothing.

Imagine all the seriously ill people who have been duped.


11:47 PM. Wed, Apr 22

Maroubra's toughest......survives everything global warming can throw at it.

10:22 PM. Wed, Apr 22

Is the point of an umbrella to stop the rain or to crumple and form an enviromental hazzard?

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