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  Low: 1:51 AM / 0.33 m. High: 8:01 AM / 1.54 m. Low: 2:05 PM / 0.37 m. High: 8:12 PM / 1.58 m. Sunrise: 5:42 AM. Sunset: 5:52 PM.

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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

9:20 PM. Tue, Sep 23

s**t a brick

7:21 AM. Tue, Sep 23

The land is owned by the Maroubra RSL Sub Branch. Same goes for the building. So how can bowlo Board "sell a brick". There is no lease and the joint will most likely be put on the open market for lease or sale. The Board knew this before the "save the bowlo" day. Say bye to your bricks.

11:33 PM. Mon, Sep 22

Who owns the land should be the question?

11:25 PM. Mon, Sep 22

Turd sniffer don't post pictures of your breeder.

4:34 PM. Sat, Sep 20

SFA people at bolwo last night. No Sec Manager and volunteers had to do the raffle which lost money. 4 losers playing bows there today. 64 at South Coogee. Come on AGM so we can boot you losers and the loser manager and make it a true sports club.

9:46 AM. Sat, Sep 20

Love the music night at bowlo Thursday. 20 people. They billed it as "Open Mich Night"

Ha Ha Ha Who is Mich and why are they opening him?

Fremantle Dockers just took over Coogee Bowlo. Same needs to happen at the Bra.

9:28 AM. Fri, Sep 19

Bowlo Pres sitting sucking schooers?

Lead Story

5:28 PM. Thu, Sep 18

I understand that some crossfit joint is going to offer $70K p.a. rent.

7:28 AM. Thu, Sep 18

The Bowlo AGM will be held on Saturday 25th October at 5.00pm at The Bowlo. Vote out current Board and vote in new sports people.

6:37 PM. Wed, Sep 17

Apparently after one of the bowlo Directors abusing bowlers who have left there has been an e-mail doing the rounds to say all meet at South Coogee Friday night in future. Say good by to your bricks.

8:32 AM. Tue, Sep 16

Went to bowlo at 6:20 pm for schooners. It was shut. It sasy on the web:

Monday 3pm - 8pm
Tuesday 3pm - 8pm
Wednesday 11am - 8pm
Thursday 3pm - 10pm
Friday 11am - 12:00am
Saturday 11am - 12am
Sunday 11am - 9pm

So more false advertizing from bowlo.

5:46 PM. Mon, Sep 15

Make it the Bra Bar and keep it open until 4 am. Loud music every night!

5:45 PM. Mon, Sep 15

But its what's in the new "Lifesaver".

4:56 PM. Mon, Sep 15

Turn the joint into a live venue and the next Lifesaver appears. Bit of sound proofing and your sweet.

12:49 PM. Mon, Sep 15

Carl Arena going to sort out the Bowlo fiasco.

12:28 PM. Mon, Sep 15

Forget the Middle East and it's barbarities, it's Bowlo War.

10:53 AM. Mon, Sep 15

Bowlo Board = Friar Tuck and Friends.

10:45 AM. Mon, Sep 15

HB for bowlo President!

7:43 AM. Mon, Sep 15

I think the committee must have their heads buried in the sand (or in this case, a schooner glass). The bowlers left because they know the club can't afford them. A case of self sacrifice. The SEcMgr is a joke. He takes no ownership and half the committe are only interested in having no disturbance to their drinking time 3p-6:30p. Shame Shame Shame. Big fat blokes are always lazy - never met one that wasn't!

9:21 AM. Sun, Sep 14


Here is the line from the bowlo newsletter.

We did it!

THANK YOU – we raised over $27,000 to SAVE OUR BOWLO!

Thank you to our fabulous community who helped on the day, donated all the wonderful raffle prizes, and to all who came along and had a great time at Maroubra Sports on Saturday August 16th.

And here is the line from the Chairman’s e-mail dated 11/9 (spooky).

At some stage in the near future the Board will decide to take over the funds of both men and women's clubs. This is unfortunate but necessary.

So if save the Bowlo was a big hit why take old people’s money? Why not e-mail this question to the bowlo:

9:03 PM. Fri, Sep 12

What does all that mean? The bowlers have all gone to South Coogee.

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