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  Low: 8:46 AM / 0.61 m. High: 3:16 PM / 1.48 m. Low: 10:11 PM / 0.47 m. Sunrise: 6:27 AM. Sunset: 7:00 PM.
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4:42 PM. Wed, Sep 30

Code RED. bigger the kook, lesser the waves.

7:49 AM. Wed, Sep 30

lol "first to their feet" you gotta be joking, clowns like you make surfing in sydney such a punish

11:42 AM. Tue, Sep 29

3:51 PM. Mon, Sep 28

loopholes Col, Loopholes!!!

2:04 PM. Mon, Sep 28

They left the "first to their feet" rule off the code

9:55 AM. Sat, Sep 26

Can't wait for that code sign to get knocked off and turned into a street luge.

7:49 AM. Sat, Sep 26

is that i can hear another comp? (7.49am)

1:50 PM. Thu, Sep 24

who do we report violations of the code to???
I want to report Col for numerous infractions!

12:17 PM. Thu, Sep 24

12:09 PM. Thu, Sep 24

Yes, there are lots of national projects people who "say" they can't find work could be put to. e.g. redirecting all that water from that clapped out buffalo track Kakadu to the irrigation areas so we can produce a lot more food for export. Closer to home, clearing Malabar Headland for high rise development so the Bra is like Bondi.

7:56 AM. Thu, Sep 24

yes well done. I myself would like to see more forced labour camps like the good old days...
put the Hoi Polloi back in there place!!!

6:09 PM. Wed, Sep 23

Good to see the CFMEU getting hammered in the Commission. Typical Labor, the CFMEU bloke is on the QLD ALP executive.

2:18 PM. Mon, Sep 21

true that!!!

1:33 PM. Mon, Sep 21

Who cares? Rabbits for 2016. Bring back Sam and Ben Teo

10:57 AM. Mon, Sep 21

Broncos v cowboys in teh grand final....

8:20 AM. Mon, Sep 21

chooks or cowboys

8:19 AM. Mon, Sep 21

made no difference to the overall outcome.
bye bye doggies.
Chocks or cowboys?

4:42 PM. Sat, Sep 19

Got to love those bulldogs fans. Loved it when the NO TRY was awarded a TRY on the field. Its Alah's will......

10:16 AM. Thu, Sep 17

surely politics is in the realm of the diabolical rather than the alternative

8:52 AM. Thu, Sep 17

Tony who? It must be God's will Tony......

8:31 PM. Tue, Sep 15

12:01 PM. Tue, Sep 15

poor people do not drive cars, hope this fatty gets asskicked out tooday

10:42 AM. Tue, Sep 15

If fiji is the land of the left handers wave, what is the land of the right handers?

6:00 PM. Mon, Sep 14

Good to see Abbot getting the arse. Houso Bob for PM.

2:45 PM. Mon, Sep 14

i guess anyone can be fined just for nothing, all they have to do is point at you and say you've done someting, and they do not have to provide any evidence at all, wtf is this? the counsil is gone mad , can't they read and analyse the reports from those rangers at all? it sounds like they sign and approve all the reports from those wrong c#nts. shame on randwick counsil!

10:13 AM. Mon, Sep 14

I got fined $69 on my push bike the other day for going over the stop line by 50cm. The whole of the Sydney law enforcement needs to f**king relax and concentrate on the stuff that matters. Like finding my stolen phone. Bah.

7:57 AM. Mon, Sep 14

There is some give up living in Duncan Street. A mate of mine and all his neighbours got fined for parking on the nature strip. The loser rang the council and they came and fined everyone. Probably a push bike riding green.

2:59 PM. Sun, Sep 13

just got a penalty notice from state debt recovery office the penalty is $248 the offence :disobey no stopping sign on Duncan st , it was reported by an authorised office or randwick city council. WTF? are tehy seriouse? can you believe it some f@ckedup angry wofficer with a c#ck in ass just out of air picked up my number plate and reported it as an offence vehicle which did not stop on Stop sign in Duncan st. the duncan st is 2km long and has number of intersections most of them do not have any signs on so which intersection i did not stop or should i stop just on any of them :D, i guess they just trying their luck to raise the revenue. i've already submited the review to teh department and if it fails gonna go to court and gave this mater to media . bloody grubbers!

9:09 AM. Fri, Sep 11

The camera is part of the CFMEU and went on strike.

10:00 PM. Thu, Sep 10

Souffs season over this weekend, chooks all the way

9:14 PM. Wed, Sep 9

No not a Lexo a Kardashian fits that family perfectly.

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