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  Low: 4:44 AM / 0.47 m. High: 11:12 AM / 1.57 m. Low: 5:55 PM / 0.35 m. High: 11:53 PM / 1.19 m. Sunrise: 5:39 AM. Sunset: 7:42 PM.
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Waiting 9 hrs 34 mins for sunrise at 5:39am

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7:32 PM. Tue, Nov 21

16 Bond St Party is ON! The old s***s are warmig up with cider, come on in and don't forget to brings your own cigs.

1:45 PM. Tue, Nov 21

The religious right want free speach, well here you go:

9:14 AM. Tue, Nov 21

May I ask the person who puts his mom on the pics gallery, get her naked first with her bush clearly shown .



5:41 PM. Mon, Nov 20

You have no idea. If the ride past you slowly you scan your app and it automatically locks the bike and the rider goes head over arse. A great self amusement when your having a tough day.

1:49 PM. Mon, Nov 20

Another heads up on hire bikes. Going down Broome street if you put a screwdriver through the sprocket near chain and through back wheel, you'll have a monumental crash. Worth a try. Put helmet on though.

10:05 PM. Sat, Nov 18

I vote for Pauline. I want to be white, up tight and a tampon.

9:38 AM. Sat, Nov 18

Not bad for a Yugoslavian reffo :)

4:34 PM. Fri, Nov 17

Now this lady was hot Natasha Stott-Despoja

3:27 PM. Fri, Nov 17

And that is as close as Tony "rabbit" got. Like most married fools they give up the chance of addional pussy. Get on "Ashley Maddison" now :)

2:26 PM. Fri, Nov 17

Has anyone seen my hairhat it was flung off when wind blew up. Last seen on sand.

9:40 PM. Thu, Nov 16

VVVVVV proof that Tony Abbot posts on brasurf VVVVVV

10:35 AM. Thu, Nov 16

I think Peta Credlin is HOT as :)

9:43 AM. Thu, Nov 16

Pete Credlin - Nup. Horsehead tough bitch. you just want her to whip you.

8:45 AM. Thu, Nov 16

Someone built a snowman for christmas,28

6:11 PM. Wed, Nov 15

I think we organise a Gay Parade down Marine Parade for the weekend. Thongs and chaps I say.

6:04 PM. Wed, Nov 15

And no party alleigance. Cretin has plenty not going for her. Another Mal T.

11:36 AM. Wed, Nov 15

Why do poor people like the political right so much, you know they hate you right?

8:55 AM. Wed, Nov 15

Peta Credlin is the only hope this country has for a new PM. A super smart hard hitter.

9:35 PM. Tue, Nov 14

Well she f**ked North Shore wonder boy. Time to f**k herself.

4:28 PM. Tue, Nov 14

Peta Credlin for PM.

4:23 PM. Tue, Nov 14

Any chance of finding Pauline Hanson is a Scotswoman......The f**k we need idiots like that running agendas.

1:53 PM. Tue, Nov 14

Another two headed Tasmanian bites the dust :)

5:42 PM. Mon, Nov 13

There is one on the corner @ Boomerang St and Malabar Road. Its worked it's way from Torrington Road about 300 yards. It's either getting thown or crawling on its own.

5:30 PM. Mon, Nov 13

I think if the illigitamet pollies don't have to pay their wages back neither should any dole cheat... Go Houso Bob, claim you are a Muslim with 10 wives and 200 kids :)

Get that back pay......

3:33 PM. Mon, Nov 13

I see Houso Bob has not commented. He is probably checking the Constitution to see what it says about dual citizens claiming dole and houso…....

12:43 PM. Mon, Nov 13

the banks can...

12:40 PM. Mon, Nov 13

That's why all those bikes are everywhere. So we have something else to talk about and not politicians. Labor and Liberal don't know what they stand for and you can't tell them apart.

9:07 PM. Sun, Nov 12
Ozi politics goes in circles and circles with no result.i wonder if they have a yearly performance review based on their risers all around.....

4:03 PM. Sun, Nov 12

last post was political comic gold...
every amendment and bill passed thru parliment since federation has to be repealed - due to the fact every parliment contained dual citizens who should not have been there.
greatest constitutional law crisis ever.

12:18 PM. Sun, Nov 12

I think we should refer Houso Bob to the High Court to see if he is an Australin citizen.....

6:47 PM. Sat, Nov 11

I'm for them centralising. Saves me a s**tload driving round looking to them to steal and offload. I love this country they help you make money from crime.

12:22 PM. Fri, Nov 10

If you read the link she is trying to make it work.

  11:16 AM. Thu, Nov 9

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