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  Low: 12:00 AM / 0.24 m. High: 6:27 AM / 1.61 m. Low: 12:51 PM / 0.26 m. High: 6:50 PM / 1.37 m. Sunrise: 5:37 AM. Sunset: 7:59 PM.
Surf WebCam:
Waiting 1 hrs 51 mins for sunrise at 5:37am

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11:27 AM. Sat, Dec 10

Ha Ha Ha

8:11 AM. Sat, Dec 10

1:49 PM. Fri, Dec 9

12:00 PM. Fri, Dec 9

If you can’t buy happiness with money you don’t know where to shop.

6:33 PM. Thu, Dec 8

So it's rich people dribble then.

4:23 PM. Thu, Dec 8

Its not for losers with no cash.

5:52 PM. Wed, Dec 7

Even better if you don't have to pay to read the f**king thing.

11:14 AM. Wed, Dec 7

10:53 AM. Wed, Dec 7

wait a year and I will post it!
she will be a hot 69 then!!!

7:28 PM. Tue, Dec 6

If anyone can give me the hot 68 year old granny from Bond St last week home numer I'd be wrapped. She gave me a does and I get 6 weeks sickness benefits on top of the dole. Thanks.

4:21 PM. Tue, Dec 6

Was that you HB ripping the "life jackets are law" sign off the fence at South End and throwing it into the bush?

9:58 AM. Tue, Dec 6

There was a small party at Bond st , you need to enter it from Bonavista side, though rubbish bins.

4:08 PM. Mon, Dec 5

Look out HB, Malcom's welfare hunters are after you.

11:33 AM. Mon, Dec 5

10:56 AM. Mon, Dec 5

Yooo, Rinnie

8:01 AM. Mon, Dec 5

What happened at Bond St?

5:21 PM. Sun, Dec 4

Bond St parties seem to have been closed down by the RSPCA.

3:14 PM. Sun, Dec 4

7:56 AM. Sun, Dec 4

7:56 PM. Sat, Dec 3

how is your sister these days...

11:25 AM. Sat, Dec 3

Best I saw was "Drinking light beer is like going down on your sister, similar taste but something is f**ked up somewhere."

11:24 AM. Sat, Dec 3

Best I saw on Twitter this week was some F/W call a person a Jew Nazi. Go figure.

9:22 AM. Sat, Dec 3

lol right wing villification of anyone else who disagrees with them as nazi

5:19 PM. Fri, Dec 2

Left wing view of themselves and others:

5:33 PM. Thu, Dec 1

4:30 PM. Thu, Dec 1

Forced labour camps I say and all houso to be moved west of broken hill.

3:57 PM. Thu, Dec 1

stop whining and go back to work, i need my dole to buy me beer and don't you dare to vote liberals next time.

3:31 PM. Thu, Dec 1

Backpacker tax 10.5% when houso's, abo's and refo's are on the dole. No bloody way.

8:48 AM. Thu, Dec 1


[object Object]

8:02 AM. Thu, Dec 1

6:03 PM. Wed, Nov 30

More important


4:59 PM. Wed, Nov 30

I lkie guns and good ole women. Can you buy me a ticket as well.

9:07 AM. Wed, Nov 30

King Crab in Alaska and plenty of "Good O'll Girls"

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