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  Low: 1:02 AM / 0.39 m. High: 7:17 AM / 1.45 m. Low: 1:24 PM / 0.44 m. High: 7:27 PM / 1.46 m. Sunrise: 6:07 AM. Sunset: 7:12 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

7:50 AM. Tue, Oct 21

camera isnt uploading most recent picture of the surf, if it is taking a photo.

12:31 AM. Tue, Oct 21

Can some one tell me why North end always looks like a s**thole the stairs, dog s**t, crap round the rocks from lazy punters and certain fisherrockrapingpeople, sand full of crap and plastic bags floating aroung the weed banks. Where are you Mr Greenie from RCC. I'm sure there is a endangered weed growing there.

5:37 PM. Mon, Oct 20


Appears to be taking the pic but the image is not changing. HB

7:28 AM. Mon, Oct 13

Cheques do exist. If you win more than 2000 on the pokies, the club has to provide you with a cheque. (Like that is gonna happen)

10:53 PM. Sun, Oct 12

I am doing a deal this week only, ladder to steal Bunny flags in Matto $50.00 get in quick. Police lookouts supplied per hour.

7:26 AM. Sat, Oct 11

Cash or kind. Do chqs even exist these days.

3:03 PM. Fri, Oct 10

What are we going to do now South's have won? Get on it, just like before they one!

2:58 PM. Fri, Oct 10

Do you take cheques HB?

12:47 PM. Fri, Oct 10

Has the Camera Angle been changed? Looks a little middle centric and HBob cant see what the northend looks like - oh that's right, all I have to do is look out the window. By the way, if anyone wants one of those Rabbitoh flags from the beach, let me know. 200 for the bunny ones and 100 for the green ones. Bargain.

7:39 AM. Fri, Oct 10

What are we going to do this weekend now South's have won?

2:08 PM. Thu, Oct 9

what, we have to say welcome?
carnt we go straight to the
"F%$k of" bit.
what ever happened to a lack of manners

8:55 AM. Thu, Oct 9

Love the surfing etiquette ! I can imagine, "Welcome to Maroubra, now F**K OFF!" :)

7:50 AM. Tue, Oct 7

Flags can always be used for houso bed sheets :)

10:08 PM. Mon, Oct 6

Nice donation by RCC with your money on flag donation to jubliant pole climbers

9:50 AM. Mon, Oct 6

Bye Bye Bulldogs

12:00 PM. Sun, Oct 5

its pitiful thing to see some one try and stir up some more xenaphobia over a footy game.
Get over ya self and try enjoy the game any way.

10:52 AM. Sun, Oct 5

It's the end of teh Hajj so Bulldogs will have Allah on their side.

11:34 PM. Sat, Oct 4

can't possibly happen. Don't even thinkabout it. nEVER

8:50 PM. Sat, Oct 4

nah not gunna happen...

crosses fingures...

4:26 PM. Sat, Oct 4

What if the Bulldogs win?

11:20 PM. Fri, Oct 3

Rus is a wanker

10:43 PM. Fri, Oct 3

Here is a story for you idiots. Souths were kicked out of the game by Murdoch Press George Piggins put his home and farm up for it to get them back in, that they did, then come in all the celeb's. And Russ is God but if they don't idiot is going to sustain a $13 x 6 zero debt....for a $1.00 the club goes back to the members that have no assets.........If you trust Ray Martin.......ask why his vanity means hair dye........And just to toy with your feeble minds............The media that initiated the fund raise for 100k for Sir George to attend was Murdoch Press.........Me I see Sir George meeting Kiwi Russ in the hall on Level 3 and beating the s**t out him and that is a good thing.

12:23 PM. Wed, Oct 1

great photo.

7:45 PM. Tue, Sep 30

Go da Rabbitohs!!!

2:39 PM. Sun, Sep 28

2 brix and they spelt both of them wrong the illiterate fkn fools

  5:25 PM. Sat, Sep 27

Craigo, can you clear the bowlo rubbish off the wall its usless.

  8:24 AM. Sat, Sep 27

Me Mrs and I went bowlo and got blind with the kids. Up the bunnies.

  8:11 AM. Sat, Sep 27

Up the Hawks and the Bulldogs!

  11:15 PM. Fri, Sep 26

Well done bunnies

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