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  Low: 2:26 AM / 0.29 m. High: 8:40 AM / 1.59 m. Low: 2:50 PM / 0.31 m. High: 8:55 PM / 1.52 m. Sunrise: 6:03 AM. Sunset: 7:15 PM.

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8:45 AM. Wed, Oct 24

Yes right "fly in migrants" who have capitals from their minigs businesses in south africa etc, not the poor no money refugees with no language and no skills, Phelp is just saying this to raise her popularity between green, lgbt fanatics and rich scambags houswifes who don't work and looking into the world through pink glasses. that's why 50% of wenworth didn't support this lesbo .

3:18 PM. Tue, Oct 23

making home ownership impossible for young Australians.......

12:56 PM. Tue, Oct 23

there are lots of wealth "fly in migrants" who have moved to the area of Wentworth including people who bought Jamie Packers former property.

11:32 AM. Tue, Oct 23

Ban migration to here => Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Liberal party is wrong to treat the eastern Sydney electorate of Wentworth as representative of wider Australia.

Independent candidate Kerryn Phelps, who will likely sweep to victory in the traditionally Liberal-held seat of Wentworth, says getting refugee children and their families off Nauru is her first priority. Mr Bolt says the median price of houses in Wentworth is $2.5 million, so unlike most Australians, constituents do not have to worry about migrants moving in next door.

11:18 AM. Tue, Oct 23

Just caught the bus into town at 8:15 today. 1 Hour due to traffic, what a joke.

8:55 AM. Tue, Oct 23

China: 1 car per 4 people.

Australia: Almost 1 car per person (740 cars per 1000 people).

Not surprising China is a lot greener than we are per capita.

8:43 PM. Mon, Oct 22

ahaaahaa China shown green as.... ahaaaaa..ahaaa , this map must drawn by a green artist

6:44 PM. Mon, Oct 22

I feel like the comment below was made by somebody with financial interests in coal.

I really hope we can clean up our act, per capita, we are the one of the worst countries in the world.


5:17 PM. Sun, Oct 21

Cop this Wentworth, Ha Ha Ha

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8:58 AM. Fri, Oct 19

16 Bond St. Drink tonight! it's wet but we have warm BBQ onsite, BYO drinks and ciggies.

7:59 AM. Wed, Oct 17

I've seen him at bond st .

2:49 PM. Tue, Oct 16

Ubolt = bag snatcher from hell :)

11:40 AM. Tue, Oct 16

Looks like no one wants ubolt, must be useless as a soccer player.

9:31 AM. Tue, Oct 16

Who's getting smashed at coogee reef today?

5:41 PM. Mon, Oct 15

It i'll be blowing them pussy rip cords around at Coogee Ladies Pool.......

3:11 PM. Mon, Oct 15

Northeaster is here this must be due to global warming, let's tax it.

1:24 PM. Mon, Oct 15

8:30 AM. Mon, Oct 15

It all depends how many bottels they had, some of them used by ladies for further entertainment. 16 Bond st is the Meca of Maroubra's party lifestyle . don't forget to BYO ciggies.

7:48 AM. Mon, Oct 15

The recycle does not take wine bottles so what do you do with the chicks emtys :)

9:21 PM. Sun, Oct 14

Bond st supports green enviroment and recycles VB bottles for 10c in return.

12:31 PM. Sun, Oct 14

10:08 AM. Sun, Oct 14

No its for rich people who go shooting.

9:53 PM. Sat, Oct 13

Ironic that.

is that not where Royalty goes to get shot?

6:11 PM. Fri, Oct 12

Lower classes to Bond Street ; upper class to Balmoral :)

3:24 PM. Fri, Oct 12

Antarctica is growing in ice fast; read below. Public School education and no degree? As you know anyone without a university education must kowtow to the views of us superior intellectuals. We are the senior people in banking, government, the church etc. who make sure the lower classes get it in the neck. See here for the plan and bank Rothschild’s or HSBC J

Oh, did I mention Goldman Sachs?

6:46 PM. Thu, Oct 11

Global warming ,carbon tax (joowtax) .nothing but joownited nations propaganda .

5:53 PM. Thu, Oct 11

And what about Antarctica? (You FW)

4:57 PM. Thu, Oct 11

The North Pole is on the sea you FW. They sailed the Nautilus under it:

4:06 PM. Thu, Oct 11

The polar caps are not floating icebergs, but thanks for the primary school science experiement - I'm sure my five year old nephew will love it.

1:47 PM. Thu, Oct 11

If I want watered down beer I'll go to the Sands.

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