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  Low: 1:25 AM / 0.37 m. High: 7:16 AM / 1.35 m. Low: 1:08 PM / 0.38 m. High: 7:36 PM / 1.71 m. Sunrise: 6:48 AM. Sunset: 4:55 PM.

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11:30 AM. Mon, May 28

How was good that Party at 16 Bond st last weekend, the old ladies were drinking, signing with their husky voices all night and smoked all their smokes. Next intelectual meeting this Thursday and party on Saturday .

11:52 AM. Sat, May 26

Now, I’ve never seen so much misinformation as I have on this whole issue. You know, A$100 million a year, I think, the estimate is that it’s costing in welfare payments for refugees. 97% unemployment rate. – Radio broadcaster Neil Mitchell, speaking on Q&A, February 8, 2016.

1:30 PM. Fri, May 25

4th down.....u forgot the Royal Family too

11:05 AM. Fri, May 25

never let the truth stand in the way of a good political joke -
otherwise we wouldnt have the current government

9:43 AM. Thu, May 24

Funny. Except the figures are way off. Unemployment is only at around 5.5%, so not that bad really. Think that's less than 1 million people.

10:31 PM. Wed, May 23


fails to find like button

4:55 PM. Wed, May 23

The ATO has returned the Tax Return to a man in Townsville after he apparently answered one of the questions.

In response to the question, "Do you have anyone dependent on you?"

The man wrote: "2.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crackheads, 4.4 million unemployable scroungers, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons plus 450 idiots in Parliament, thousands of 'retired politicians' and an entire group that call themselves 'Senators'

The ATO stated that the response he gave was "unacceptable".

The man's response back to ATO was, "Who did I leave out?"

9:02 PM. Tue, May 22

I though you've had some sense of humour but you didn't. I've ment the great black shark. "bell snatch" .

2:52 PM. Tue, May 22

Great White Shark you "Bell-End"

2:16 PM. Tue, May 22

Don't be a racist! Great Black have its rights for the crowd too.

10:10 AM. Mon, May 21

The crowd is GOOD, well if you are a Great White :)

9:20 AM. Mon, May 21

Went to 16 Bond st last friday, good place to visit, it should be in your bucket list.

8:56 PM. Sat, May 19

That's awufull

3:01 PM. Sat, May 19,52

"How is the surf?"

"It's flat, and it's freezing."

"Perfect! I will tell all the boys."

Just another day in Sydney's east...

2:50 PM. Thu, May 17

The Sun is out for a week! Long night party sessions at 16 Bonds St are back from tonight! Bring your cigies! Entry from Bona vista , see you there!

9:21 AM. Wed, May 16

Leave the bra for kooks, backpackers and brazzillinies, take a drive up north or south. I've just surfed manly yesterday, 20 people on whole beach. I had a great 3hr session, ofcourse got a couple of shutdowns at the exit, can't leave with out them :D.

5:27 PM. Mon, May 14

I like to wear my reg grundies under my wetsuit. So I have clean undies like my mom says if I need to go to hospital.

2:56 PM. Mon, May 14

Who are you? Wayne Kerr?

1:21 PM. Mon, May 14

I always do wear a life jacket and a helmet when it's over 2ft.

1:04 PM. Mon, May 14


8:45 AM. Mon, May 14

Every time swellnet or any other report says for "experienced surfers only" the beach is packed with all sorts of kooks WTF?

11:42 AM. Sat, May 12

What if the rumor is not true? cry

8:02 AM. Sat, May 12

Must be the weather spooked the party at Bond st, usualy it's loud and noisy.

9:41 PM. Fri, May 11

Just drove past 16 bond st, out of morbid curiosity, nothing but christmas lights.

  8:06 AM. Fri, May 11

Another Bond Street Glam:

Ed:  <pic removed>

  9:41 AM. Thu, May 10

She's still recovering after the last week party at 16 Bonds St.

Ed: <pic removed>

  7:57 AM. Thu, May 10

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