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  High: 1:24 AM / 1.50 m. Low: 7:38 AM / 0.35 m. High: 1:43 PM / 1.38 m. Low: 7:58 PM / 0.32 m. Sunrise: 6:28 AM. Sunset: 7:49 PM.
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Waiting 2 hrs 10 mins for sunrise at 6:28am

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9:15 PM. Fri, Feb 12

is there any party tonight at #16bondst i wanna meet that blondiecool

3:52 PM. Fri, Feb 12


3:29 PM. Fri, Feb 12

Don't be talking about my mum like that!

2:32 PM. Fri, Feb 12

16 bond st party animal

11:57 AM. Fri, Feb 12

16 bond st, party tonight.

back door entry.

11:51 AM. Fri, Feb 12

Can't be any sharks on the Gold Coast otherwise this live bait would have gone off

Bring on the shark cull. Also, if we lease the whales to the Japs so they can kill them there will be less food for sharks. Sounds like a plan.

And, send Julian Assange to Guantanamo Bay.

11:12 AM. Fri, Feb 12

Tell him to go down to Bond St should fit in well with the other wanker

7:45 AM. Fri, Feb 12

There is a wanker up north end who owns one of the mutts. Lives in a unit. Roots his dog. It's a boy!

11:03 PM. Thu, Feb 11

Redneck cull ay . Meh.we gots back up.

10:11 PM. Thu, Feb 11

Burley up with some Winny blues.

1:52 PM. Thu, Feb 11

nah m8, carnt do that - protected species now. Although you are allowed to use red neck nets or a floating drum line with a flanno on the hook

12:59 PM. Thu, Feb 11

What we actually need is a redneck cull.

7:04 PM. Tue, Feb 9

I still think Oprah is a cracker root.

6:07 PM. Tue, Feb 9

Hazarding a guess. A sheilah earning a few squill on seppo TV and her squeeze of no consequence, you put it on Ellen holding the whip. But as long as she doesn't hit the mare to much to come under the eyes of the chief steward and gets a fine.

2:11 PM. Tue, Feb 9

oooh that's elen, she looks like a man,... oh ofcourse she's who does the poking

1:11 PM. Tue, Feb 9

Anyone see 4 Corners last night? Greeni B/S on shark nets not working etc. We ned a massive shark cull.

1:10 PM. Tue, Feb 9

Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi

9:27 AM. Tue, Feb 9

who are these two deusche bags on the last pic?

9:23 AM. Tue, Feb 9

I'd chop Oprah but only when she's a full fatty.

1:42 PM. Mon, Feb 8

Dykes R Us

8:28 AM. Mon, Feb 8

nah god is Ellen!!!
She even chooses to go out with an Aussie

11:18 PM. Sun, Feb 7

I know but beats being a fat thin fat bitch promoting crap books,shrinks etc, etc, and why you should believe every word I say because there might bit a turd velcroed under your studio seat. She is the new God.

6:18 PM. Thu, Feb 4

10:50 AM. Tue, Feb 2

do you mean the one with out teeth?

9:28 AM. Tue, Feb 2

did you go on that 60yo blondie? she's loud one i tell ya

11:29 PM. Mon, Feb 1

I dooged one the Bond St humpers and now have an uncomfortable rash on my lips and private areas.

9:16 AM. Mon, Feb 1

Yeah, right, I need a suite cleaned for an interview, BS, I'm the defendant.

11:00 PM. Sat, Jan 30

Houso Bob How good this free dry cleaning

9:07 PM. Sat, Jan 30

I'll pass old ladies and behind entry say to me they have been round the block to many times. Never know what your gunna catch with them old leatherbacks

6:32 PM. Sat, Jan 30

16 Bond Street a bit of everything, everyone will find something for him/her, come over, the old ladies are getting hammered at the moment.

entry from behind

5:26 PM. Sat, Jan 30

It is a great game shame bout the nifties going to it and all the shielahs taking a dive with a love tap.

12:10 PM. Sat, Jan 30

Football is the biggest game in the world.

12:10 PM. Sat, Jan 30

William v Kerber = Rock Ape v Hottie

10:45 PM. Fri, Jan 29

Is 16 Bond Street a brothel now?

7:52 AM. Fri, Jan 29

joker as usual

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