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  Low: 9:23 AM / 0.47 m. High: 3:25 PM / 1.11 m. Low: 9:05 PM / 0.62 m. Sunrise: 7:02 AM. Sunset: 6:57 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

5:14 PM. Thu, Mar 26

Vote 1 HB, the bludging man's candidate :)

7:47 PM. Wed, Mar 25

Vote for Mick he doesn't fly fighter planes

3:20 PM. Wed, Mar 25


Just an annoying survey.

2:12 PM. Tue, Mar 24

so it wasnt a survey for the liberal party then???

11:59 AM. Tue, Mar 24

I had yet another ANNOYING phone survey re the election. I said:

Bring back the death penalty and make it retrospective.

Put indigenous Australian’s back on reservations and remove their kids from them.

Make homosexuality illegal.

Demolish all public housing and put anyone not employed and dependent on the government into forced labour camps J

Got rid of them :)

7:42 AM. Thu, Mar 19

does this average include the Obied family?

4:34 PM. Wed, Mar 18

I think the average Parliamentarian owns something like 2.x investment properties.

10:52 AM. Wed, Mar 18

yes Mr Garrison

11:12 PM. Tue, Mar 17

Is this forum a South Park episode

11:11 PM. Tue, Mar 17

Your all deluded by the the thought of when will our political and leaders of departments tell the truth and aim up for the mistakes they make. Simple example De Sal at Kurnell. But remember your not biting off s**t wrap of your legrope anymore and surfing in brown water it's just defused and sent further into the current to land on someone elses beach. That's sweet thinking in any corner.

9:27 AM. Tue, Mar 17

once all the infrastructure built up by generations of Australian taxpayers is sold off to make money for the lucky few,
can we then privitise parliment??
I personnally would like to see the f&*%ers earn some money and be accountable for all there broken promises

8:24 AM. Tue, Mar 17

Labor is saying that selling the electricity network will result in blackouts etc. What BS. First, it’s a lease, second its efficient. Labor’s campaign is being funded through the back door by the union movement. Back to the bad old days.

1:55 PM. Mon, Mar 16

you mean there is a forrest the other side of this tree?

10:18 PM. Sun, Mar 15

It's actually Pepsi v Coke and Coke goes better with more coke. Pepsi is just s**t

10:14 PM. Sun, Mar 15

The suck in is most of the buses converted to LPG and their greener than a coal fired light rail system. Go figure. But if you clog up the traffic of cars you create more greenhouse gases.

8:19 AM. Sun, Mar 15

Clover doesn't have to get off the train. It passes through. It's the poor d**ks South of Kingsford...hey that's us.

7:47 AM. Fri, Mar 13

Fanta and Coke are both made by the same company

6:50 PM. Thu, Mar 12

I see Labor is using Union funds to pay for advertizing to get around the law. The one way to stuff the economy is to vote Labour.

6:26 PM. Thu, Mar 12

Everything in this city is an Artists Impresion on the front page of the Daily Telegraph of what it should be.

Trouble is it never ever gets built and stays as an artists Impression.

Public Transport is a huge problem in this city along with the rest of our failing infrasture that is the reality of the situation.

Try getting a bus to Bondi any day of the week. Still the same mess after 20 years and still no new roads or transport.

6:59 AM. Thu, Mar 12

Now u gotta ride the bus then get off and catch a train to get to the city. Stupid. Wasteful.

9:03 PM. Wed, Mar 11

Yes, more green bulls**t on the light rail. Buses are good.

10:59 PM. Tue, Mar 10

Light Rail is a joke for everyone except clover moore.......she is the only one thinks its a good idea. But hey, you wont see her boof head on the light rail. If they we serious about fixing transport for the east long term, they would extend the eastern suburbs railway underground - the price is comparible.

8:27 AM. Mon, Mar 9

i reckon this lightrail is the biggest waste of your money they could ever dream up. The buses out of the East are bloody excellent. So why spend a bra-zillion dollars replacing them with a funky piece of road hogging, tree-culling toy train. Sold a dummy here folks. Piss it off.

11:48 PM. Sun, Mar 8

Vote for Mick, he's our man.

8:09 AM. Sun, Mar 8

Smack dealers should don't need my sympathy.

9:34 AM. Thu, Mar 5

The Indonesians made a big point moving our drug dealers. They moved one of theirs yesterday to the same joint in a truck. Nice to know our criminal representatives attract so much attention. Good OT for the coppers there. I have no idea why these drug traffickers warrant any help. Anyway, read on for how their last six to ten minutes will be:

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