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  Low: 8:18 AM / 0.54 m. High: 2:45 PM / 1.50 m. Low: 9:37 PM / 0.33 m. Sunrise: 5:56 AM. Sunset: 7:21 PM.

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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

11:32 PM. Thu, Oct 30

Brave developer that goes out there. Plenty of people with guns out the point.

12:14 PM. Wed, Oct 29

Stuff the Bra I'm going to BUlgaria

5:42 PM. Mon, Oct 27

Private housing? Like the british tobacco site? Let the Chinese Builder GREENCORP in there or that nice jewish man, Harry Triggerdigger with his MERITON slums. Be careful what you wish for. These blokes have megabux and the tories ear and they are in power. Over 10 million rich chinese state their intention to move to Maroubra (well australia actually) and with 5 million dollars, they are being made most welcome. I like them too. Polite, hardworking folk but jeezus there is a s**teload of those fkers.

I like the shooters and the gaol and the poowerks. Leave em alone and move along please.

5:24 PM. Mon, Oct 27

The new Bra with low rent for all Brazilians:

1:20 PM. Mon, Oct 27

It is the end of the world.

10:31 AM. Mon, Oct 27

Yes, looks like it’s going to be turned into homes.

Good idea if they leave the bush fringe at the edge and just redevelop the rifle range. I agree the houso and jail should go to make way for private housing.

12:42 AM. Fri, Oct 24

We are sniffing round the Headland again. It was a tip once and has tonnes of asbestos under the skin which is still leaking into the South end of the beach but we will overcome this little obstacle by ignoring EPA results and our highpowered legal eagles surpesssing it. And if you find a rare an endangered flora or fauna we will decimate it as it was never there and prove there same or similar or closly related species is alive 30 miles south. You have been warned. We will get the Bowlo eventually and have designs on moving out the Houso from Elfo to Maroubra to Claymore. This fair and just as only rich people should be able to afford water views. Poor people should be herded into ghettos so police can isolate criminals.

10:24 PM. Thu, Oct 23

Why save a tourist?...If thought it meant if they left the van in carpark it was fair dibs after a week.

10:21 PM. Thu, Oct 23

Just saw that bloke HB running out of the bowlo with an arm full of dunny paper and other sorted items but his schooner glass was steady and not wasting a drop at full pelt.

10:31 PM. Wed, Oct 22

Get some cameras on the beach life guards might stop the polluters and save a tourist or two especially down the Southend!

4:15 PM. Tue, Oct 21

One day, checking out northend, bloke pulls up and chucks drink bottle into the gutter. There was about oth 20 bottles there from recent rain. I pull him up and say what are you doing?
He says, Yeah look at this mess - you reckon the council would keep it clean!
I say, WTF, if it wasnt for people like you we wouldnt need the council.
He says, Oh yeah, I never thought of that. This bloke was over 40 years old.

Give me strength.

4:10 PM. Tue, Oct 21

I had a swim there Sunday arvo from the rocks. Picked up two packs of bloodworms, plastic bag, discarded line (20kg) and plastic drinkbottle. Left by kook fisho Trouble is, these dead worms dont work and 20kg is too heavy. Any good fisho knows that so I know they are kooks. Same everywhere folks, people are tossers and you gotta tell them everytime 'till they get their thick head around it.

2:45 PM. Tue, Oct 21

People dump rubbish because they don't live in Maroubra, or if they do, they are from lexo houso.

7:50 AM. Tue, Oct 21

camera isnt uploading most recent picture of the surf, if it is taking a photo.

12:31 AM. Tue, Oct 21

Can some one tell me why North end always looks like a s**thole the stairs, dog s**t, crap round the rocks from lazy punters and certain fisherrockrapingpeople, sand full of crap and plastic bags floating aroung the weed banks. Where are you Mr Greenie from RCC. I'm sure there is a endangered weed growing there.

5:37 PM. Mon, Oct 20


Appears to be taking the pic but the image is not changing. HB

7:28 AM. Mon, Oct 13

Cheques do exist. If you win more than 2000 on the pokies, the club has to provide you with a cheque. (Like that is gonna happen)

10:53 PM. Sun, Oct 12

I am doing a deal this week only, ladder to steal Bunny flags in Matto $50.00 get in quick. Police lookouts supplied per hour.

7:26 AM. Sat, Oct 11

Cash or kind. Do chqs even exist these days.

3:03 PM. Fri, Oct 10

What are we going to do now South's have won? Get on it, just like before they one!

2:58 PM. Fri, Oct 10

Do you take cheques HB?

12:47 PM. Fri, Oct 10

Has the Camera Angle been changed? Looks a little middle centric and HBob cant see what the northend looks like - oh that's right, all I have to do is look out the window. By the way, if anyone wants one of those Rabbitoh flags from the beach, let me know. 200 for the bunny ones and 100 for the green ones. Bargain.

7:39 AM. Fri, Oct 10

What are we going to do this weekend now South's have won?

2:08 PM. Thu, Oct 9

what, we have to say welcome?
carnt we go straight to the
"F%$k of" bit.
what ever happened to a lack of manners

8:55 AM. Thu, Oct 9

Love the surfing etiquette ! I can imagine, "Welcome to Maroubra, now F**K OFF!" :)

7:50 AM. Tue, Oct 7

Flags can always be used for houso bed sheets :)

10:08 PM. Mon, Oct 6

Nice donation by RCC with your money on flag donation to jubliant pole climbers

9:50 AM. Mon, Oct 6

Bye Bye Bulldogs

12:00 PM. Sun, Oct 5

its pitiful thing to see some one try and stir up some more xenaphobia over a footy game.
Get over ya self and try enjoy the game any way.

10:52 AM. Sun, Oct 5

It's the end of teh Hajj so Bulldogs will have Allah on their side.

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