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  Low: 12:31 AM / 0.25 m. High: 6:38 AM / 1.59 m. Low: 12:49 PM / 0.17 m. High: 7:07 PM / 1.76 m. Sunrise: 6:32 AM. Sunset: 5:10 PM.
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Waiting 2 hrs 57 mins for sunrise at 6:32am

Surf Wall Write on the Wall

2:58 PM. Wed, May 4

Why do the Irish wear Green all the time and not Brown?

Because they'd look shyellthouse.

10:33 PM. Thu, Apr 28

9:47 PM. Thu, Apr 28

Bye Bye Bunnies

1:41 PM. Thu, Apr 28

This morning was far less crowded. Some fun little barrels too.

10:11 AM. Wed, Apr 27

There will be 500 once the bowlo etc. is turned into flats. We need parking meters @ $20 per hour to limit crowds.

9:14 AM. Wed, Apr 27

50 bloody kookroaches on a single peak at 6am WTF seriously?

7:47 AM. Tue, Apr 26

Clive Palmer is showing the Liberal Party how to run a business. We all must aspire to his methods of getting rich.

As for Bowlo. It’s closed. Now to be huge high rise units which will get top coin for the developers and allow an influx of say 5,000 Chinese byers. The fools who put money in now see that their forlorn attempts have been trumped by real-estate cash. I’ll be in the market for a flat or two so I can rent them out Asian Uni Students.

7:02 PM. Mon, Apr 25

Your a goose, free parking. The low housos would just steal them if they put in meters to pay for the darts, Clive Palmer is a fat Queenslander that stole who should be beaten and made to pay as for the other comments bout the Bowlo if they had a TAB a decent feed and a drive though bottlo they'd make a coin.

4:48 PM. Sat, Apr 23

You would not like to be the local member, $60K of ministerial grants spent on the bowlo which will now be demolished. Typlical Labor. Should be an ICAC job.

4:46 PM. Sat, Apr 23


2:49 PM. Sat, Apr 23

LAst Drinks at the Bowlo Anzac Day. Then its shut for good.

1:11 PM. Tue, Apr 19

Looks like the cigs are going up in the budegt. Its a good thing for housos on the dole that cigs are in the index for CPI rises to the dole etc. Once again the tax payer pays.

5:34 PM. Sun, Apr 17

But he still stiffed the tax payers for $70M. Excellent!

8:39 AM. Sun, Apr 17

I have never heard any talk as much s**t as Clive Palmer. He is as bent as a dogs hind leg!

8:43 AM. Sat, Apr 16

Good to see Clive Palmer has made the tax payer pay the $70M to workers. If we could get a $5 per hour minimum wage and no entitlements what ever then these busnesses would be competitive with China.

10:34 PM. Fri, Apr 15

bloody cowboys .!..

7:31 PM. Fri, Apr 15

My eyes are dim, they cannot see I have consumed too much VB :) Go Souffs.

9:43 PM. Thu, Apr 14

Notice how all the male houso scum have tatts there f**k ugly ice head women have gold rings nose rings and same. And the plenty of decent cars but keep leaving there s**t on Malabar Road for us to pay to remove. Ring of fire and burn the scum and send em out to Penfiff to meet up with the cuz who has more teeth. Yer bra

3:35 PM. Thu, Apr 14

Trivai at Bowlo tonight.

Q1. How much longer will this joint stay open :)

11:53 AM. Thu, Apr 14

is there any compos at teh bra this weekend?

1:24 PM. Wed, Apr 13

I put in the "Greater Maroubra Council"

What do you love about living here?
Free Parking.

3 words that describe your area?
Housos. Surf. MBK/FTW/NFI

10:42 AM. Wed, Apr 13

You can name the new Randwick / Waverely Council here:

I put in "Houso Hole"

Should fly

6:36 PM. Tue, Apr 12

Yep, go Brazil

7:48 PM. Sun, Apr 10

and sauce?

1:40 PM. Sun, Apr 10

Big party at 16 bond st on garage roof right now, lots of brazil chix with tan and booty , free coronas, bring your sausages only.

9:41 PM. Fri, Apr 8

Vote for "SBHP" South Bra Houso Party!

8:39 PM. Fri, Apr 8

F**k people telling you what to do. Join the liberal democats.

's not enough to disapprove

altEveryone disapproves of things that others do. But if we prohibit all the things we disapprove of, nobody will be free.

Smoking, drinking, gambling, eating and certain recreational activities are good examples. While they might be entitled to give advice about the risks, regulators are increasingly taking personal choices away from individuals based on disapproval of the choices they might make.

Another example is mandatory bicycle helmets. Australia is one of very few countries that requires these, thus discouraging a whole generation from cycling. Not even in Europe, where cycling is hugely popular, are helmets obligatory.

8:31 PM. Fri, Apr 8

16 Bond st party is ON, bring your sausages! lots of keen chix

8:29 PM. Fri, Apr 8

You will be getting a fine of $250 for no fishing licence. KaChing.

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