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  Low: 12:46 AM / 0.34 m. High: 7:19 AM / 1.67 m. Low: 2:01 PM / 0.18 m. High: 7:57 PM / 1.23 m. Sunrise: 6:03 AM. Sunset: 8:07 PM.
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Waiting 2 hrs 50 mins for sunrise at 6:03am

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9:22 PM. Fri, Jan 18

Funny, except you just sound like another whinging brit.

1:05 PM. Fri, Jan 18

Yes the hole Australia. I hoped you'd get it.

9:55 AM. Fri, Jan 18

hole Australia?
the facepalm is strong in this one...

8:06 AM. Fri, Jan 18

Hey! Be proud of saxons! You are still under the queen the mother of hole australia! No braz monkeys can be even with brits, ever!

6:01 PM. Thu, Jan 17

Walked down Coogee, how many stupid looking Brit males walking round in their soccer shirts, skin cancered red skin and f**ked up accents are there? Makes them Brazzas look almost human. Ugly race of people them.

9:13 AM. Wed, Jan 16

Thank you Sir! Please bring your pesos to 16 Bond st this Friday afternoon to celebrate the summer! Our ladies will acept your gifts for a pleasant exchange.

9:15 PM. Tue, Jan 15

Send me your bank details Bond St. I have won 2000 Pesatas and would like to share my good luck.

9:53 AM. Tue, Jan 15

16 Bond St! satisF**ktion 100% guaranteed

2:43 PM. Mon, Jan 14

he's a good character and also he has satisfied the judge.

2:11 PM. Mon, Jan 14

Inglis gets off. Fair?

11:48 AM. Mon, Jan 14

16 Bond St is pumping this weekend! all braz and ladies are back! BYO ciggies and beers!

  11:09 AM. Sat, Jan 12

  6:56 PM. Fri, Jan 4

Brexit - no deal is the best outcome with only Commonwealth Countries as trading partners. And Build that wall TRUMP!!!!!

  11:31 AM. Fri, Jan 4

Go Brexit - All hell is about to break loose 😂😂😂😂

  10:47 AM. Thu, Jan 3

If you like Eurasia so much go live there. Typical of the refo loving Green set they all espouse that all should come here knowing full well the refos will never be house here in the Bra as its unaffordable to them.

  9:16 AM. Thu, Jan 3

Meanwhile ISIS members are let in as refos

And now us tax payers will fund his appeal.

  9:12 AM. Thu, Jan 3

The quote belkow is — George Orwell, 1984

  11:04 PM. Wed, Jan 2

yes let all us loyal members of oceania think of our enemy eurasia during the next 2 minute hate.
'War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength"

  11:32 AM. Wed, Jan 2

The Greens are most aligned with the Russians:

  9:49 AM. Wed, Jan 2

Russians dont need social media black ops with you bunch of arse muppets.

  8:17 PM. Mon, Dec 31

who cares...

  8:41 AM. Mon, Dec 31

Are you sure that’s all you care about.

  10:25 PM. Sun, Dec 30

VVVV film it and put it on utube sure to get 1million hits!

  8:51 PM. Sun, Dec 30

Reading this wall makes me want to palm my face into the back of my skull

  3:20 PM. Sun, Dec 30

Image may contain: text

  2:52 PM. Sun, Dec 30

Who cares. All meat comes in plastic covered in glad wrap. That is all I care about....

  2:36 PM. Sun, Dec 30

Homo sapiens. Completing the third great extinction. All that will remain will be a very few domesticated species. Goats pigs cows sheep.

  2:34 PM. Sun, Dec 30

I prefer to bleed then disembowel my feed

  12:56 PM. Sun, Dec 30

Cow shot in head

Whale shot in head. All for human consumption.

Get some bow kills it to ya

  11:58 AM. Sun, Dec 30

Sheep and cows are bred to be killed, and are done so in a humane and pain-free way. But sure, no different to pulling a whale from the ocean with its tail hanging off and guts falling out, hey mate?

  10:24 AM. Sat, Dec 29

Nothing wrong with Whaling. They are animals just like sheep and cows. Iceland, Norway and Japan all hunt them. This bloke shot a thumper.

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