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  High: 4:28 AM / 1.20 m. Low: 10:12 AM / 0.58 m. High: 4:29 PM / 1.45 m. Low: 11:14 PM / 0.38 m. Sunrise: 6:03 AM. Sunset: 7:15 PM.

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8:58 PM. Sun, Oct 23

I've seen those three at 16 Bond St on friday night, we've had the best time .

1:20 PM. Sun, Oct 23

Image result for the only kkk to let black guys in

10:54 AM. Sun, Oct 23

Bowlo last night had a "white" theme party. $10 to get in. Straight in the blokes pocket. I tried to get in but my all white KKK outfit was deemed in approrite. Should I go them under 18C?

6:44 PM. Sat, Oct 22

no carl arena is holding fitness camps at south maroubra bushland

11:08 AM. Sat, Oct 22

Is the ad to lose belly fat suggesting rooting a fattie every day?

5:44 PM. Fri, Oct 21

Bowlo open tonight and tomorrow night. Dancing for 40 + Sat

They say "Our dream has been to look after people over 40 so this night will bring you all the hits from the 50s 60s 70s 80s up until now so you are going to have the time of your life."

I'll be there looking for a bit unmarried mother pussy around 11 pm so I only have to buy them one drinbk before its back to Lexo for some of the old "In - Out" "In - Out"

4:53 PM. Thu, Oct 20

Put ear plugs in to avoid the s**t music at the party and objections. Sounds like a plan.

3:50 PM. Thu, Oct 20

No means no though.

9:20 AM. Thu, Oct 20

Strait up the fat chick's arse then donkey punch her wink

8:44 AM. Thu, Oct 20

That's why you'll need to insver $5 in c-doms/rubber .

11:25 PM. Wed, Oct 19

Get lucky at that party would mean a double does of herpes Sym 1 & 2 bit of luck you'd get the pox off a backpacker fatti or braz he man that is a s**t surfer.

1:23 PM. Wed, Oct 19

Yes Bra party happens every Friday/Sat good weather nights at 16 Bon st entry from Bonavista ave .

Lost of hot chicks there , bring your own ciggies, booz and doms as you might get lucky.

8:53 AM. Wed, Oct 19

i was watching it, that guy on the wave had full ride about 10 seconds long, the others had good rides too some of them looked much bigger .

6:24 PM. Tue, Oct 18

Where's the brasurf christmas party this year? 2015 one was a cracker.

6:22 PM. Tue, Oct 18

Someone behind that wave is about to get snotted.

11:59 AM. Tue, Oct 18

some are having good time right now.

10:06 PM. Mon, Oct 17

11:09 AM. Mon, Oct 17

It can't be like the Lifesaver as there is no fruit shop wall to climb over to get in free.....

Also, only one stage not two and no "Black Brenda" running nude down the bar....

Those were the days, joints shut at 12 so you could pork some lowie by 1 am and dump her and still get 3 hours sleep and make the early surf.

8:12 AM. Mon, Oct 17

but if its turned into the lifesaver wont Saffron burn it down and build flats?

8:36 PM. Sun, Oct 16

Turn the joint into a Bondi Lifesaver with live bands I'll make the joint millions.

6:52 AM. Sun, Oct 16

Good compared to freshly squeezed fetid bum juice.

9:31 PM. Sat, Oct 15

Its in a bottle. They have good wine too.

6:16 PM. Sat, Oct 15

7 bucks for a stale bowlo beer ! Joows !!!!

5:33 PM. Sat, Oct 15

It looks like they are attracting the middle age upwardly mobile crowed with kids. I think all the old farts left and went to other bowlos. The Bra Boys won’t go there cause its $7 a beer and no pokies or keno.

5:29 PM. Sat, Oct 15

I dont know. Does it mean the single mums and their kids ate the bra boys? If so, what about the old farts? What happened there?

9:36 AM. Sat, Oct 15

Went to Bowlo open nigh last night. They have done a good job. Joint looks good and there are no Bra Boys or old farts. Lots of single mums with kids. You know what that means. laughing

8:12 PM. Fri, Oct 14

Yeah BRAsurf!

7:56 AM. Fri, Oct 14

Thanks a lot BRAsurf!! big waves today! Geez

5:16 PM. Thu, Oct 13

But flat, sunny and good for fishing Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is a good day to fill out dole forms, hit the Salvos for vouchers and see if you can get a feature on the pokies…..

5:16 PM. Thu, Oct 13

But flat, sunny and good for fishing Tuesday and Wednesday. Today is a good day to fill out dole forms, hit the Salvos for vouchers and see if you can get a feature on the pokies…..

2:38 PM. Thu, Oct 13

Thanks a lot BRAsurf!! bad waves today! Geez

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