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  Low: 6:30 AM / 0.29 m. High: 12:42 PM / 1.33 m. Low: 6:24 PM / 0.55 m. Sunrise: 7:00 AM. Sunset: 4:55 PM.
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Waiting 4 hrs 56 mins for sunrise at 7:00am

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3:56 PM. Sat, Jun 25

Don't get me started!

3:43 PM. Sat, Jun 25

10:11 AM. Sat, Jun 25

Souff's = must win 7/9. No hope. Should have merged.

12:32 PM. Fri, Jun 24

Yes, that is cost effective HB. A schooner is $5-$6 depending on where you go. Add a few fish etc. and you can live for very little. Good to see the Right wing BOLT and Liberal Democrats saying that the family home should be in the pension assets test. This will mean more money for us via the dole etc. I think everyone should live in houso.

9:57 AM. Fri, Jun 24

one bottle and a scooby doo. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzBliss for under 6 bucks a night.

9:54 AM. Fri, Jun 24

3 ay you houso

8:03 AM. Fri, Jun 24


6:43 PM. Thu, Jun 23

2 bottles a night ay HB.....

12:00 PM. Thu, Jun 23

Not true. I drink Sacred Hill Cabernets at 5.50 a bottle (7 standard drinks) and dont eat KFC as it does not have the Heart Foundation approval. I get my protein from the ocean, not some protien fed chook process plant. HB

11:35 AM. Thu, Jun 23

Housos drink cask wonga and eat KFC......

9:51 AM. Thu, Jun 23

i've noticed the coffee bean voiting pol for Labour at muffinbreak Eastgardens leads its way up much far ahead of liberals and other parties. My conclusion was the housos have good life drinking coffee , eating muffins and wish to keep this way.

2:26 PM. Wed, Jun 22

Good work defacing the pole posters on Marine Pd. Keep it up :)

1:57 PM. Wed, Jun 22

Yep, Labor Party Mascot

10:36 AM. Wed, Jun 22

what an excellent idea.
Australia should have a Rat lead economic recovery.
But who would lead parliment then?

6:17 PM. Tue, Jun 21

2:11 PM. Tue, Jun 21

its an interesting and potentially revenue raising method of controlling the unregistered canine populus.
But why not be inclusive of all vertebrates?

8:50 AM. Tue, Jun 21

8:20 AM. Tue, Jun 21

Yep, and the AJP candidates say that us clearing ground to produce food to feed animals in turn to feed us ups the Methane gas and causes global warming. See here

Animal farting = Green House Gas.

So killing them all should be seen as addressing Global Warming. She is a hero.

10:10 PM. Mon, Jun 20

Her tits have one million likes.

4:52 PM. Mon, Jun 20

Kendall Jones is EXACTLY the kind of person we need. Rich, white, God fearing and an ALL American Girl with 1 million likes. Compare that to her Vegan crtitc Erin Janus

with 151,000 likes.

Have a look at the Vegan bulls**t on her page.

When Trump wins the world will be a better place.

10:23 AM. Mon, Jun 20

Kendal Jones is the embodiment of all that is wrong with this world.
Kills needlessly with out eating the kill because she was trained to as a child
Is proud of her wasteful efforts
Is publicity seeking - in the name of fame
suspect the world would be a better place without her and people of a similar ilk...

7:39 PM. Sun, Jun 19

Only 24 more dislikes you bell end.

6:58 PM. Sun, Jun 19

1,000,000 likes on this killer

Awsome, and she always says "Shoot them right in the face."

5:10 PM. Sun, Jun 19

Good to see more dislikes than likes on that video.

3:09 PM. Sun, Jun 19

2:54 PM. Sun, Jun 19

Bugga them vegan I like to catch and kill my own food. Plants don't scream when you kill em

11:07 AM. Sun, Jun 19

I'm sure we are all voting AJP

A vegan world for all!!!!

10:29 AM. Sun, Jun 19

They remove the poles. Sydney electricity I think. Or maybe Integral.

9:37 AM. Sun, Jun 19

Yes, who cleans up the pole sign rubbish after the election?

7:08 PM. Sat, Jun 18

Whistler and the other bloke are using the same telegraph pole posters as the last election. Cheap bastards. Still gives me summit to spit on at traffic stops

10:17 AM. Sat, Jun 18

I won't be going for that Mong fm the greens and the lib Dr looks like he learnt his stuff in an some concentration camp. That leaves This-will-Waite...A clubby. Good grief - we are .fkd.

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