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  Low: 12:28 PM / 0.52 m. High: 6:11 PM / 1.10 m. Low: 11:59 PM / 0.49 m. Sunrise: 6:07 AM. Sunset: 8:05 PM.

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11:37 PM. Sun, Jan 22

Sorry ladies, us blokes DO pay for razors. From today's march.

10:58 PM. Sun, Jan 22

Perth's 9 was 1 turn but a screamer but the Cole Houshmand 10 was exceptional 3 massive hacks on a good chunk of a wave Great QF that one.

9:48 PM. Sun, Jan 22

Big effort by local boy Monty Tait today got to the semi final of QS Carve Pro at Maroubra. Well done mate.

10:43 AM. Sun, Jan 22

7:11 PM. Sat, Jan 21

Yes, and while the left wing and lesbos women protested those with cash paid to put TRUMP in the sky above them. Looked good from my 100 M boat. :)

3:57 PM. Sat, Jan 21

And Trump is in. The poor are losing their healthcare, the fat cats are getting rich on the stock market. Yep, all going according to plan.

5:55 PM. Fri, Jan 20

Fat pig showing how to scoff burgers and pop at the bowlo this weekend

Renown competitive eater, Issac "Sir Eats-A-Lot" Martin, brings his special brand of burger in a pop-up extravanganza to the M Club this weekend.

5:12 PM. Fri, Jan 20

10 Hours to President Trump !

2:41 PM. Fri, Jan 20

Bigger tommorow

Marine Wind Warning Summary


Updated Marine Wind Warning Summary for New South Wales

Issued at 10:01 am EDT on Friday 20 January 2017
for the period until midnight EDT Saturday 21 January 2017.

Wind Warnings for Friday 20 January

Gale Warning for the following areas:
Batemans Coast and Eden Coast

Strong Wind Warning for the following areas:
Sydney Closed Waters, Byron Coast, Coffs Coast, Macquarie Coast, Hunter Coast, Sydney Coast and Illawarra Coast

Wind Warnings for Saturday 21 January

Gale Warning for the following areas:
Sydney Coast, Illawarra Coast, Batemans Coast and Eden Coast

Strong Wind Warning for the following areas:
Sydney Closed Waters, Byron Coast, Coffs Coast, Macquarie Coast and Hunter Coast

The next marine wind warning summary will be issued by 4:05 pm EDT Friday.

2:00 PM. Fri, Jan 20

is there contest today? where abouts north midle or south?

12:15 PM. Fri, Jan 20

Good waves for the contest down there today worth a look if you can find a dry spot

9:41 AM. Fri, Jan 20

No, No, No, this is where the polite people live, if you want hard core anti women go to Twitter viz:

11:05 PM. Thu, Jan 19

oh wow I've found a website I can express all of my hatred towards green voters and women - Brasurf the home of hatred. It's awesome - I can read all the posts from other men who want to assault people and say s**t about women that don't want to have anything to do with them. I mean what's wrong with all those women that dont see how attractive we are hangin our guts out in the beach car park? Must be lezzos eh. yeah awesome it's grouse hearing all yooz fellow hard workin hard torkin real men express yourselves so eloquently - makes me proud to be an Ozzie .. yeah vegemite is home where it belongs as the foundation of our fine cuisine .. woo f**kin hoo.

7:20 PM. Thu, Jan 19

Fancy a screw Behati Prinsloo ?

4:04 PM. Thu, Jan 19

Bash a greenie for fun on australia day !!!

2:38 PM. Thu, Jan 19

Skinny girls them VS models Ole Gina would wolf down 2 just for entree. What happened to bloke who sired her kids? Cut up and BBQ'ed with a little salad?

2:28 PM. Thu, Jan 19

Gina and Trump could make a good breed :D

2:04 PM. Thu, Jan 19

im no fan of Gina but she only got half from daddy as Rose got the rest...
Gina did actually do some smart business (besides buying PM's from either party...)

1:51 PM. Thu, Jan 19

But someone IS rooting the VS models, how is Gina doing? BTW, she inherited it from her dad ya bell end.

1:32 PM. Thu, Jan 19

Geeze to Mr "Money and looks" - all you have proved is you read some crap websites -
Gina Rinehart earns more than all of you models combined and I think she could probably eat them as well.
google logic and get some one to explain it to you...

12:42 PM. Thu, Jan 19

Meanwhile at the Greens:

ANARCHIST Greens have declared war on Australia Day, calling for the Aussie flag to be burned, celebrations to be disrupted and protest graffiti to be sprayed on walls and roads as part of a sick anti-Australia campaign.

Federal Greens Leader Richard Di Natale yesterday refused to condemn the shocking demands being made by a group called Left Renewal — a far-Left faction of the NSW Greens.

12:40 PM. Thu, Jan 19

To prove my point that for women looks is all that counts.

Victoria’s Secret models are among the highest paid in the world. The models typically earn $5 million a year. That money doesn’t come exclusively from Victoria’s Secret though. In fact, most of the money earned by a VS model comes from outside modeling contracts.

Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid Victoria’s Secret model ever. The former VS model earned an estimated $44 million in 2015 alone. Bundchen is followed up by Adriana Lima with $9 million and former VS model Doutzen Kroes with an annual salary of $7.5 million. The lowest paid Angels in the lineup are relative newcomers Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt with $2 million each in annual earnings.



10:27 AM. Thu, Jan 19

Delta goodrem also faiked breast cancer just to boost her popularity .

9:35 AM. Thu, Jan 19

used tissue with ethical compromise?

seems a fair comment on Belle

- she did fraudulently claim to have survived cancer

- she did fraudulently claim to have a diet to cure cancer

- there was a rapid cash grab on donations to her dodgy charity...

think she deserves goal time

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