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  Low: 2:49 AM / 0.37 m. High: 9:18 AM / 1.63 m. Low: 3:54 PM / 0.24 m. High: 9:49 PM / 1.23 m. Sunrise: 6:01 AM. Sunset: 8:08 PM.
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9:14 PM. Tue, Jan 16

If Donald Trump said it, then it must be true.

10:07 AM. Tue, Jan 16

8:27 AM. Tue, Jan 16

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

11:12 PM. Mon, Jan 15

I suggest we kill all fat bastards as they contribute most to global warming. Fact a car goes slower under weight and uses more juice. Fact you need more heat to warm you up in winter. Fact they suck in more oxygen when trying to get slim under excercise. Fact they eat more which leads to more meat having to be produced for Maccas, The other burger mob and lamb sangas after a night in the pub. Which leads to more Methane gases in the atmosphere. Kill them all I say.

10:55 PM. Mon, Jan 15

Global warming alarmists lick dogs caggz !!!!!

9:33 PM. Mon, Jan 15

You've linked to an article with only 1 sentence of information. And that sentence suggests that it's been warming for 20 years... except for 1 year.

OMG, 1 year it didn't warm! Geezuz, it must be all a hoax!

8:28 AM. Mon, Jan 15

oprah is the black bomb for the white house!

8:06 AM. Mon, Jan 15

It was warming, now its cooling.

As sea ice melts the fresh water will slow or stop the Humbolt current and most of the world will become colder.

The deal is we are selling coal etc. to coutries instead of using it to have low cost power ourselves. Black out at Coogee the other day. No backup capacity.

Since the new setup in South Africa the country has gone to the dogs

Same if Opra gets in. Go Trump.

9:12 PM. Sun, Jan 14

Hey anti global warming Cnut
you wont understand this link but its right in front of you like all the other evidence...

6:05 PM. Sun, Jan 14

If a chimpanzee has been trained to fly into the space then oprah will be ok as a president .

3:23 PM. Sun, Jan 14

sweet m8

{* xenaphobic stereotype,

racist remark *} repeat ad nauseum
or you could think " why have you been trained to say that"...

11:03 AM. Sun, Jan 14

You will not need to book yourself for oprah's speaches, they will be delivered to you by media tv/newpapers , you will hear her 24/7 . so relax mate and enjoy the monkey.

10:09 AM. Sun, Jan 14

What is it with these African Americans? They all want to live in a WHITE house.

11:15 PM. Sat, Jan 13

Oprah, sweet I get a new car that's a lemon and free s**t book by attending her speeches.

7:01 PM. Sat, Jan 13

oprah will fix all this sh!t in the white house

4:49 PM. Sat, Jan 13

Kalergi in his own words:

“The (European) man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space (nations), time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals”

1:56 PM. Sat, Jan 13

Kalergi plan in action .

9:39 AM. Sat, Jan 13

+1 to comment below. Trump fan, you're being played. Your doing exactly what Trump wants, making the the situation you don't like, worse. Which in turn, feeds right back into Trumps popularity.

9:15 AM. Sat, Jan 13

the only thing "we need' is less people like the previous poster.
If your to stupid to realise that your a pawn being played then you have already lost the game...

7:53 AM. Sat, Jan 13

Left wing ABC. Good to see Trump calling migrant counties s**t holes. Trump is right, this is where the black, Muslim APEX gangs come from. We need to go back to British whites only. As per Arthur Calwell. Calwell's remark in Parliament in 1947 that "Two Wongs don't make a White" is widely quoted.

12:14 AM. Sat, Jan 13

No global warming. 2GB 873 Global warming ABC Radio. 1017 is the truth.

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