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  Low: 1:55 AM / 0.38 m. High: 8:26 AM / 1.62 m. Low: 3:00 PM / 0.31 m. High: 8:50 PM / 1.23 m. Sunrise: 5:39 AM. Sunset: 8:03 PM.

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7:18 AM. Wed, Dec 13

Here is a link to having your say on the Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 >

Tell the Government that wet suits are a better option or all us surfers will be made to wear a life jacket as well. Stupid Government. NAPLAN results show they should be focused on schools.

9:17 PM. Tue, Dec 12

All you need is 600k of cut broom stick as they ride past stick it in the spokes.

9:54 AM. Mon, Dec 11

Don't worry about that. When half a million Chinese coming riding there pay as you go app bikes at you, nothing will stop them this side of Hong Kong

7:50 AM. Mon, Dec 11

The US had started "Powering" before Donald Quack got elected. It has just kept powering and will keep growing until they cannot afford to repay their loans.

7:49 PM. Sun, Dec 10
They don't have to blow themselves up the Jews are doing a great job !! Shalom

6:45 PM. Sun, Dec 10

Throw up your home address you might get your 15 seconds of fame when they come a knocking.

8:02 AM. Sat, Dec 9

Are there any ol Muslims? I thought they all blew themselves up for Allah?

1:20 PM. Fri, Dec 8

Some are so stupid they should return and start at Y1.......I think he was taking the piss you halfwit.

8:07 AM. Fri, Dec 8

7:54 AM. Fri, Dec 8

yeah, go back to skool ya wanka

6:27 PM. Thu, Dec 7
Dear below learn how to spell you inbred Twit !!

5:23 PM. Thu, Dec 7

The old Mulim. Suppose they read the Coram, eat hallaal food and make a great karbaber.

8:42 AM. Thu, Dec 7

Mel Gibson was right

2:56 PM. Wed, Dec 6

2:38 PM. Wed, Dec 6

Another loser lefty. Go Trump.

2:33 PM. Wed, Dec 6

11:26 AM. Wed, Dec 6

what's the water temp now?

9:25 PM. Tue, Dec 5

Brasurf. The place for numnut to sprout his or her's s**t life via links on world politics and I guess old Donnie is riveted to his or her's every post. Game changer with no f**king idea.

8:25 AM. Tue, Dec 5

And its another Trump win

Grab 'em on the pussy.

4:07 PM. Sun, Dec 3

Got a Ronnie Coote out of the Seals last night, right cracker. Sore as today, she worked me over good. Must have been gagging for it. Did a runner early for a surf and found a $100 shoved up my clacker. Nice lady might have a thing for her.

9:50 PM. Sat, Dec 2

11:20 AM. Sat, Dec 2

What about Sam dastyari?

The love of the left wing.......

Trump won and the US is powering....

11:18 AM. Sat, Dec 2

Donald just wants to be friends with Vladimir which is more wise than being against him!

7:21 AM. Sat, Dec 2

All you Grab em on the pussy blokes out there. The chickens are coming home.

7:19 AM. Sat, Dec 2

The islands are sinking but growing at the same time that article states. Did you read past the headline?

9:12 PM. Fri, Dec 1

if you think soy bean is a nut then you are a nut!

6:16 PM. Thu, Nov 30

I want a Royal Commission into Soy Milk. Is it Milk or a Nut Product? Is it Hallal and Kosher?

3:27 PM. Thu, Nov 30

You mean country shopping economic migrants/welfare parasites got flogged . Who gives a f#$k !!!

11:19 AM. Wed, Nov 29
The "refos" are now all beaten up ! Poor effort by us !! Shame !!

10:25 AM. Wed, Nov 29

Good to see Sea "Stupid" has been given the boot from harrasing Jap whalers. Bring back the whaling I say. We need the food to feed all the refos on Manus.

6:32 AM. Wed, Nov 29

They killed Jesus AND they pulled him over for drink driving!

6:09 AM. Wed, Nov 29

Mel Gibson was right about jews.

5:07 PM. Mon, Nov 27

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