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  Low: 2:41 AM / 0.31 m. High: 8:32 AM / 1.24 m. Low: 2:05 PM / 0.46 m. High: 8:37 PM / 1.73 m. Sunrise: 6:57 AM. Sunset: 5:05 PM.
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8:16 AM. Wed, Jul 17

Yes, there is no coal on a surf beach :)

1:53 AM. Wed, Jul 17

Obviously a wind farm in the wrong place would be bad. Like a bird breeding ground. Just like a coal power plant would be bad, on a surf beach.

6:44 PM. Tue, Jul 16

Old Bowlo will be gone soon. Full of old grannies who just can't wait to do thier pension at the Imbas. They will need some loving after the losses :)

5:41 PM. Tue, Jul 16

Cracked a hot granny at the Seals. I'm back in form. Rooting King.

8:57 AM. Tue, Jul 16

Proof Wind Farms kill animals. Here is Bob Brown bagging a wind farm They kill animals don't you know. This shows the Global Warming Hoax is about wealth transfer via left wing politics and nothing else.

11:04 AM. Sun, Jul 14

Just go to Sands or Imbas and get TV free. I do. You can put the savings to getting on it.

11:09 PM. Fri, Jul 12

So you that own TV's can you put up your addresses please. Mine has busted and I need to steal a new one. It has to be black as my decor in the council flat is stolen bus seats. Thank you.

1:56 PM. Wed, Jul 10

The good old days when classic movies got it right:

1:30 PM. Wed, Jul 10

TV viewing should be made compulsoary => 6pm - Credlin; 7 pm - Bolt, 8pm Jone adn round off with 9 pm Paul Murray Live.

6:45 PM. Tue, Jul 9

Divide conquer & rule has been the motto for the British for centuries. Come to think of it !!! News Corp & Fox are still doing it. 😎😎😎😎

1:47 PM. Tue, Jul 9

9:41 AM. Tue, Jul 9

Deer shooting laws to be relaxed. As Kendall Jones says, shoot them right in the face.

12:56 PM. Mon, Jul 8

Has anyone seen a cat missing at south end? Ginger colour. If so you can keep it. I have a cat board and catapult to go with.

9:41 AM. Mon, Jul 8

Got the Chinese lady in Simms lane making coats from the foxs and cats.

8:42 AM. Mon, Jul 8

All britts are d**ksuckers!

8:56 PM. Sun, Jul 7

Just back from cat / fox kill at South End:

Image may contain: food

9:00 AM. Sun, Jul 7

Tuna on the bite out wide!!!

7:19 PM. Sat, Jul 6

Nicew bragging about great british empier and 98% of rich jews own the country :D . yeah british are easy hookers just though some cash in theri faces and they'll do anything.

12:06 PM. Sat, Jul 6

5:58 PM. Fri, Jul 5

What we need is total nationalism and to force all to understand that this is a British established county. If you have any doubt look at who is Head of State, Her Majesty the Queen. She is on ALL the coins etc. So if you are not a British white you are some kind of imported lower class inferior brought here to be subservient. God save the Queen. You lower class colonials will lose to England in the world cup.

5:43 PM. Fri, Jul 5


1:52 PM. Fri, Jul 5

You’re just cherry-picking specific cases while simultaneously talking out your ass. How about the Vegas shooter or the Christchurch shooter? Literally senseless murder of hundreds of innocent people but because they’re not brown, it’s “mental illness” rather than terrorism. Quit excusing your pathetic life by hiding behind a religious or ethnic label - people are people and this “us vs. them” mentality that you so proudly parade is the exact f**king problem.

12:25 PM. Fri, Jul 5

No muslims allowed at 16 Bond St!

BYO beer and ciggies this weekend!

9:45 AM. Fri, Jul 5

If 604K of them cost au billions in counter terrorism and with the fact that EVERY person in jail on terror charges is a Muslim and we are paying out the arse to bring his relatives kids back here you would have to wonder if it’s worth it. They won’t stand for a judge but will stand in a Centrelink line and rip us off blind. Wake up you virtue signalling loser.

7:53 AM. Fri, Jul 5

"According to the 2016 Australian Census, the combined number of people who self-identified as Muslim in Australia, from all forms of Islam, constituted 604,200 people."

But yeah, let's judge an entire group of people on the actions of one deranged individual. Following that logic, every white Australian is a sad and lonely dumb c**t (just like you).

7:17 AM. Thu, Jul 4

6:32 AM. Wed, Jul 3

7:03 PM. Tue, Jul 2

She's awesome! Must be bond st

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