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  Low: 7:32 AM / 0.59 m. High: 1:47 PM / 1.40 m. Low: 8:33 PM / 0.40 m. Sunrise: 5:37 AM. Sunset: 7:51 PM.
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8:11 AM. Mon, Nov 30

No Houso is honest

7:50 AM. Mon, Nov 30

They won't get me mate. They like me because fraud is not part of the game. Brutal honesty is more the form.

6:31 PM. Thu, Nov 26

Look out HB, they are after you:

11:35 AM. Thu, Nov 26

ok Im going with your idea, also looks like neptunes trident...

8:36 AM. Thu, Nov 26

bra lightpole salutes any swell

8:34 AM. Thu, Nov 26

my dose is just right, here's what i've ment

3:34 PM. Wed, Nov 25

look like light poles to me.
cut down the doses

12:45 PM. Wed, Nov 25

just look at the cam pic above, those maroubra double arms on light poles look like the dudes holding their arm up and celebrating the swell :D yeahh........

11:32 AM. Wed, Nov 25

White Ribbon Day Muslim Style

Andrew Bolt is right, we must defeat these people.

4:39 PM. Mon, Nov 23

So if the belief of a Jihadist is a 100 virgins a day .....must be a 2 stroke or less wonder to cover all them. No wonder the shelias blow themselves up......#dudroot

10:34 PM. Sun, Nov 22

Anyone lose a wetsuit on Hereward St Friday evening? contact

9:04 AM. Fri, Nov 20

You shouldnt be watching that tripe. Stick to FOX news. They know when to gloat and when to cry.

2:35 PM. Thu, Nov 19

everytime i go to yahoo i see that face and now i see that face smiling on 4 killed in WA, yahoo and channel 7 have no marality at all, bloody jew koshi is going nuts.

11:28 AM. Thu, Nov 19

The Senate election process is complete rubbish. Single issue wankers blocking progress. As for the Muslim Party, why not, Liberals under Abbot are the Opus Dei Party. If you are stupid enough to believe in religion then you deserve all you get.

Example: That stupid female suicide bomber who blew herself up, how many virgins does she get?

I’m off to Vinnies to get an electricity hardship voucher. This is the prommised land.

4:01 PM. Wed, Nov 18

there's some of swell but small like shorten and slow like abbot :D

3:42 PM. Wed, Nov 18

Religious parties. WTF - The Abbott and his crusaders were quite enough. And what abt the swell..pumping.

3:35 PM. Wed, Nov 18

there's no alternative, shorten is complete deuce and i guess you don't want to voit for muslim party either

9:52 AM. Wed, Nov 18

maybe not unlike Abbot, Mal really is a deep thinker.
While that maybe good for the Liberal party - it spells trouble for the rest of working Australia

3:51 PM. Tue, Nov 17

Mal is glowing under the love-at-first-sighting. He will come home pissed one night and there will be a s**tfight and he will be smellier than a month old lost pilchard under the back seat of your panelvan.

10:10 AM. Tue, Nov 17

Good to see Labor and the Greens are getting smashed

Bring on the shark cull

10:06 AM. Tue, Nov 17

There is no God but now we have a more realistic approch

11:21 PM. Mon, Nov 16

Kill everyone and start again. Bhudda tells me I'll come back as c**kroach, which means I play for NSW an make s**tloads of cash for getting beat by a fat toad. You dumbs**t lot are follwoing the wrong god

9:40 PM. Mon, Nov 16

Yep - these mad Islamists r like the nazis. You have to eliminate them as early as possible or the get too strong. They should round em up and get them out of here.

11:25 AM. Mon, Nov 16

agree, multiculturalism and tolerance sux big red once

10:46 AM. Mon, Nov 16

Yes, well I always watch the BOLT report so it is a war against Islam as he says. The West needs to wake up. We don't need non western infuence here.

3:49 PM. Sun, Nov 15

Viva la France!

6:53 PM. Sat, Nov 14

it's s**tty day and still milions of kookroaches

10:44 AM. Fri, Nov 13

fancy being smart enough to find a legal act pertaining to Parlimentary Privilege
yet being constrained by the inclination to be rascist...

10:40 AM. Fri, Nov 13

nuh, he's not black as ice cube , so you can't call him that

9:25 AM. Fri, Nov 13

I wonder if you could call him a “nigger” under Parliamentary Privilege?

2:46 PM. Thu, Nov 12

adam goods for politician, booing will be prohibited under the law.

8:04 AM. Thu, Nov 12

mexicans cartels will be happy about this news

6:21 AM. Thu, Nov 12

mundone is done

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