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  Low: 1:56 AM / 0.19 m. High: 7:53 AM / 1.39 m. Low: 1:37 PM / 0.29 m. High: 8:05 PM / 1.86 m. Sunrise: 6:48 AM. Sunset: 5:14 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

12:56 AM. Fri, Jul 31

I hear the gromments and locals need a kick up the arse on legal size of fish under rod and dive. Get your f**king act together or your no worse than the Northern neighbours on raping our seas and seashore. If you see it report it. You'd snitch if your saw a dog turding on your lawn everyday, its our ocean and it needs a balance

  1. 1300 550 474 Contact a Fisheries Officer.

1:50 PM. Thu, Jul 30

But I didn't ask any questions? Was it Bob Carr?

9:06 PM. Wed, Jul 29

Bronwyn sips fetid bum juice !

4:26 PM. Wed, Jul 29

Not Bronwyn Bishop that's for sure!

12:25 PM. Wed, Jul 29

Alister Crowley, its a hell of a billSurprised

4:16 AM. Wed, Jul 29

When your carking it they say the ones that have been there reckon that there is a light and the choice or advice is go to it or go back to where you were before it all happened. Question: Who is paying the light bill?

9:27 AM. Mon, Jul 27

Big surf tommorow....

12:07 PM. Fri, Jul 24

8:12 PM. Wed, Jul 22

1:36 PM. Tue, Jul 21

11:20 AM. Mon, Jul 20

9:08 AM. Mon, Jul 20

Mick Fanning attached by great white - survives unscathed...

4:22 PM. Sat, Jul 11

Better than the banks in Greece, they are f**ked completely :)

12:18 PM. Fri, Jul 10

Saw a dude being carried off on a stretcher to an ambo. Banks are very shallow at the moment, expecially on low tide.

4:50 PM. Tue, Jul 7

Same sex marriage has the added benefit of telling your Mrs that with the legalisation of that “any hole is a goal!”

4:06 PM. Tue, Jul 7

Oh, and if you want a second crack, you will care!

4:04 PM. Tue, Jul 7

Whenever school holidays are on, the chat goes to the gutter. Pffft, kids these days...... exactly the same as when we were kids.

7:33 PM. Sun, Jul 5

How do you make a woman cum? Who cares?

10:24 PM. Sat, Jul 4

Am I ever gonna see your face again.........

5:32 PM. Sat, Jul 4

Angels blew me out the door, down the stairs and all the way back to the car and I had earplugs.

1:26 PM. Fri, Jul 3

After all this time their only regret would be that they gave it to you and you were a dud root.

12:06 PM. Fri, Jul 3

I'd be too scared that one of the bush pigs I f**ked back then in me HQ van would show up.

9:30 AM. Fri, Jul 3

used to see the Keystone Angels for a buck at selinas geez f**k they ripped off some other bands chord structures but a good strut music when yer s**tfaced

11:59 AM. Thu, Jul 2

Got my mate on the door. Should be able to get in sweet. HB.

4:37 PM. Wed, Jul 1

Supported by those who need Viagra to stop rolling out of bed.

7:45 AM. Wed, Jul 1

no way get eff, eff off!

7:46 PM. Tue, Jun 30

Eff yeah. I am goin' with all my deadbeat looser (sic) mates. I know people coming from north coast for the night. Wouldn't miss it - last time was mad. If you go, you are gonna have the best fun. Recommended.

12:31 PM. Tue, Jun 30

So it's simply harsh then?

11:32 AM. Tue, Jun 30

thats more than a little harsh...

10:37 AM. Tue, Jun 30

Only old dead beat losers who live in the past.

1:49 AM. Tue, Jun 30

Anyone seeing the Angels next Friday.

5:25 PM. Sun, Jun 28

Should have a touch footie game between the other clubs so we can beat the crap out of the scum.

10:40 AM. Thu, Jun 25

Yeah, and he was competing in all 4 comps. I saw him trying to stand up on hes boogie board. yew

8:45 AM. Wed, Jun 24

Yes, I heard the last Sec Manager tried to root one of the bar chicks while posing as the good family man with 3 kids. Joke!

4:48 PM. Tue, Jun 23

4 comps a month is good. Their admin is so weak that you can join every comp without ever paying your money but get good winter lineups with 3 mates for 25 minutes at a time. Bob is a member of all 3 boardriders and has been for 20 years

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