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  Low: 2:03 AM / 0.27 m. High: 8:05 AM / 1.43 m. Low: 1:58 PM / 0.36 m. High: 8:14 PM / 1.70 m. Sunrise: 6:13 AM. Sunset: 5:37 PM.
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8:23 AM. Thu, Sep 1


7:16 PM. Wed, Aug 31

Just to clarify, I didn't buy the brick I just stole it...........Lexo till I die.

1:30 PM. Tue, Aug 30

9:18 AM. Tue, Aug 30

Petrol and a match

9:35 PM. Mon, Aug 29

Bit a week killer is needed.

1:47 PM. Mon, Aug 29

Yes, they are on the snip again: From Facebook

We are in need of the following quality or commercial grade equipment either on a loan or gift basis:

· Lawnmower
· Hedge trimmer
· Chain saw

Information and availability

Please contact Robert Ugarte on 0411 843 811 if you can be of assistance for the Spring Clean in any way.

If you cannot help personally, donations will be gratefully accepted to assist with preparing the Club for opening.

12:33 PM. Mon, Aug 29

$100/Brick! No wonder real estate is sooo exxy.

5:02 PM. Sun, Aug 28

Nice brick

12:09 PM. Sun, Aug 28

Wallabies - disappointing. Wanna, Wanna, be a Walla, Walla, B. NOT!

Cricket - disappointing.

Olympics – disappointing.

8:07 AM. Sat, Aug 27

8:30 AM. Fri, Aug 26

I heard the Directors snipped all teh cash on Anzac Day....

6:16 PM. Thu, Aug 25

Got me brick back......up ya bum Bowlo theives

2:04 PM. Thu, Aug 25

not just an iPhone, any electronics and other items you use require the Tin.

anyway I have samsung, which contains tin too and it doesn't mean i do not care about thirld world however i do not care about it.

12:35 PM. Thu, Aug 25

Indo is also a good source of Tin

Apple I Phones need Tin, so I suppose if you have got an I Phone you don't care that third world people died to get the Tin that goes in it :)

11:32 AM. Thu, Aug 25

I strongly Disagree.

1st- bintang is cheapper than water plus beer carb are better for mussle recvovery after long surfing (google fact about beer, you can buy alco freee beer it still will be beer. )

2nd - better drink beer than tap bacterial water or plane water or sh!!!tty coca-cola .

3rd- yes it's third world and cheap as, good for party and hookers but most important it's on another side of Antarctica and nothing is in the midle to stop those waves to roll on, so the surf is good all the time, you just need to find the covered reef if it's too windy.

4th- Koby is moving there soon so no more nasal bogan's noise from him on bra beach any more.


10:59 AM. Thu, Aug 25

Indo = s**t 3rd world slum.

9:50 AM. Thu, Aug 25

Its s**te beer anyway.

2:16 PM. Wed, Aug 24

They can't ban bintang

1:56 PM. Wed, Aug 24

Indo to ban alchol:

This is more Muslim BS

4:12 PM. Mon, Aug 22

Bowlo wants more of you cash:

Staff unpaid. F**king disgrace.

4:02 PM. Mon, Aug 22

Or on the Bowlo reopen. whose paying salary? Spring clean? yeah come and take the bricks you paid for.

9:57 AM. Mon, Aug 22

Olympics, 29 medals not 35, only 8 gold, cost $340M. This money could be better spent improving the dole amount each week and indigenous outcomes.

6:11 PM. Sun, Aug 21

Jesus Saves: Tell me where he hides it and I'll steal it.

10:55 PM. Sat, Aug 20

Buy Harry T shares, he supports the Tigers. Has to be better value than a Kiwi wanker with a thumb.

10:47 PM. Sat, Aug 20

buy meriton, they got heaps of developments on some dog tracks which govt will green light in return for liberal party donations...

10:17 AM. Sat, Aug 20

Bought a s**tload of them. 14.50 back abt a year. Sold all at 34 dollars abt 54 yrs back. Thank you very much. Too easy. Made enough on the last roll to buy the missus a Lexus. Might get one for myself this time. I have a 25 dollar target and anr year to run

5:12 PM. Fri, Aug 19

BHP Share Price

2011 $39

2016 Today $21.29

Buy many of them did you? You dumb f**k wit.

2:02 PM. Fri, Aug 19

Peta Credlin: Hot as!

Image result for Peta Credlin

9:03 AM. Fri, Aug 19

BHP LOSS: shares gone up everyday since.

Peta Cretin: whip me.

Bowlo: lost cause

Sky: Owned by American war machine and the one reason we won't get a decent broadband network.

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