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  Low: 8:44 AM / 0.49 m. High: 2:59 PM / 1.15 m. Low: 8:37 PM / 0.69 m. Sunrise: 6:25 AM. Sunset: 5:20 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

9:19 AM. Fri, Apr 24

ICAC findings to be overturned. Here come the compo claims.

What sort of incompetant government is this?

8:21 AM. Thu, Apr 23

Belle Gibson

This "person" is now admitting fraud.

And getting paid by Women’s weekly to say so with the cops doing nothing.

Imagine all the seriously ill people who have been duped.


11:47 PM. Wed, Apr 22

Maroubra's toughest......survives everything global warming can throw at it.

10:22 PM. Wed, Apr 22

Is the point of an umbrella to stop the rain or to crumple and form an enviromental hazzard?

3:15 PM. Tue, Apr 21

I love mornings like today. A drive past the beaches and along the coast and a cruise through the main shopping strips counting the busted umbrellas and watching commuters get a thrashing.

10:07 AM. Tue, Apr 21

It's blowing a gale. Raining heavier than cats and dogs more like bulls and elephants. Surf is huge.

My day off work, should I go rock fishing? Most foriegners do.

3:17 PM. Mon, Apr 20

Good to see the ICAC is now almost defunct. This will cost NSW millions in compenbsation from previous convictions that will now all be overturned.

8:35 AM. Mon, Apr 20

They know what to do with them in China:

7:42 PM. Sun, Apr 19

So if 8kegs of smak you get the death penaly what price these jokers getting caught with over that of Ice in Australia?

8:08 PM. Tue, Apr 14

If all that smack, over 8.5kgs had reached our shores then who knows how many junkies would have od'd. Hard to find too much sympathy really.buddha sticks may have been a different matter.

1:45 PM. Tue, Apr 14

148 innocent uni students executed in Kenya. 2 convicted Australians (non-user) smack dealers executed in indonesion. Glad when its over.

12:43 PM. Fri, Apr 10

I agree. We need a lot more to be done here. That is the point. Those mugs went to Bali to bring back drugs. Stuff them.

9:08 PM. Thu, Apr 9

Did we miss the drug traffickers for the ice epidemic here in Sydney? What are we doing about that which is alot closer to home than those idiots in Bali.

2:57 PM. Thu, Apr 9

I love the Bali 9 lawyers.

They are always on about another appeal and how unthinkable it would be to execute the pair.

Sooner they shoot the drug trafficking scum the better. Profiting from addicting and killing our kids.

7:34 AM. Wed, Apr 8

Some great comments this week. Keep up the good work.

1:12 PM. Tue, Apr 7

I see the Bali 9 Lawyers are still lining their pockets with more appeals. Wonder who is paying the bills.

1:09 PM. Mon, Apr 6

U didn't miss much the inbreads all looked the same!! Allan Jones was there in drag.

12:47 PM. Sun, Apr 5

Was on my way to the Reclaim Austrlia Rally but stopped of in China Town for a Luxa and a dozen schooners. After that I could not be f**ked.

11:41 PM. Sat, Apr 4

If they set fire to all the land out there the asbestos dust should blow out to sea in Autumn and kill all the NZer's and then hopefully the rest of Brazillians.

5:19 PM. Sat, Apr 4

To be honest that is a good idea. They could build a huge Marina in Malabar. Just have to put in a huge sea wall like in Botany Bay. Then yes, villas for the super-rich and private golf course and club. That would be excellent. Just have to hide the sewer works.

2:40 PM. Sat, Apr 4

Hope they make the whole headland a golf course for rich people like me so I can bring in my 80 metre motor launch and park it in the marine park and step onto the first tee. Be such a waste to give it back to the small poor people.

3:14 PM. Thu, Apr 2

Ho much lead, any chace of selling some on the black?

12:05 PM. Thu, Apr 2

I understand that they are actually going to add only public housing to the southern headland because of the Asbestos and Lead problems in the soil. HB, you might have to start surfing the southend!

8:31 AM. Thu, Apr 2

Now the Libs are back hopefully the state and federal governments will sell off Malabar Headland to developers so that clapped out bush land can be developed with high rise flats and shops etc. If they build 20 high rise with 100 flats in each the rate revenue for the Council would be huge.

5:14 PM. Thu, Mar 26

Vote 1 HB, the bludging man's candidate :)

7:47 PM. Wed, Mar 25

Vote for Mick he doesn't fly fighter planes

3:20 PM. Wed, Mar 25


Just an annoying survey.

2:12 PM. Tue, Mar 24

so it wasnt a survey for the liberal party then???

11:59 AM. Tue, Mar 24

I had yet another ANNOYING phone survey re the election. I said:

Bring back the death penalty and make it retrospective.

Put indigenous Australian’s back on reservations and remove their kids from them.

Make homosexuality illegal.

Demolish all public housing and put anyone not employed and dependent on the government into forced labour camps J

Got rid of them :)

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