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  Low: 12:59 AM / 0.35 m. High: 7:00 AM / 1.38 m. Low: 12:53 PM / 0.43 m. High: 7:10 PM / 1.61 m. Sunrise: 5:43 AM. Sunset: 5:51 PM.

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7:51 AM. Sun, Sep 23

Bye Bye Bunnies.....

5:16 PM. Sat, Sep 22

16 Bond St! guitar wars and brazilfest tonight! byo ciggies and beers!

Entry from bona vista rubish bay !

2:59 PM. Fri, Sep 21

Vegans live in houses. These houses have taken animal habitat. They don't give s**t the virtue signalling swine.

2:07 PM. Thu, Sep 20

I wish this bag was washed out in bra and I found it. I would definetly go to 16 bond st and share it .

1:21 PM. Thu, Sep 20

Free speach has been killed off in this coutry by the discrimiation act.

1:20 PM. Thu, Sep 20

Here is another waste of $45M over two years

They should sack all the MEMA people and just let size and bag limits do the job. Our education standards are going south so f-ing fix that.

The Greens:

12:39 PM. Thu, Sep 20

so if 90% of aussies are for coal energy and fishing where they want why they affrade to tell off to 10% of greeneis to shut their vegans' holes down ?

1:16 PM. Wed, Sep 19

It works like this. If you want to move people off pot and on to alcahol you:

1. Make the minium fine for possesion $10K and sale life in jail.

2. You subsidise beer to $2 a schooner.

People soon love beer.

But if it costs $6 per beer in extra tax to do this (subsidy, cost of prison) does the beer cost $2?

11:35 AM. Wed, Sep 19

The artical comes from here:

A tax reduction must also be done given the subsidies come from tax payers.

11:32 AM. Wed, Sep 19

11:21 AM. Wed, Sep 19

For 3 months with cheaper electricity you could pay $100 only, however you're paying $645.12 which is good for jew-re-sellers, big 600% proffits.

Nukes and coals will kill it, what are they going ot do then? How are they going to buy mansions in EB after that?

This is why no coals or nukes nere. Not allowed, bad for their business.

11:16 AM. Wed, Sep 19

You're comparing 13 years for renewables, to a single year with coal/oil/gas.

If you look at a single year:

* $3 billion for renewables.
* $11 billion for coal/oil/gas.

However, I do realise we use a lot more coal/oil/gas than renewables. I actually didn't realise that renewables go that much in subsidies. I'd like to see proof of this if you have it.

Anyway, if it's true, it actually looks fairly even.

10:35 AM. Wed, Sep 19

That is to build new power stations. Here is the clean energy tax payer rort. $39 Billion. Plus we get BIG FX returns on exporting coal and gas so why not use it here? We need to get cracking fracking and build HILE Coal and Nuclear stations. Just got my bill. $645.12 for 3 months for two people in a non-climate controlled house. Just wrong.

Under the LRET the greatest single industry subsidy scheme of all time really only hits its straps in 2020, as the target reaches 33,000 GWh of mandated renewable energy – it runs at that rate until 2031:

Year Target in MWh (millions) REC Subsidy @ $85 REC Subsidy @ $93
2018 28.637 $2,434,145,000 $2,663,241,000
2019 31.244 $2,655,740,000 $2,905,692,000
2020 33.85 $2,877,250,000 $3,148,050,000
2021 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2022 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2023 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2024 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2025 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2026 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2027 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2028 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2029 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
2030 33 $2,805,000,000 $3,069,000,000
Total 423.731 $36,017,135,000 $39,406,983,000

9:10 AM. Wed, Sep 19

$200 million to green energy. Well...

$11 billion to coal, oil, and gas. Friggin $11 BILLION! It's a wrought!

7:58 AM. Wed, Sep 19

We need to get out of Paris. That agreement sees us sending money to 3rd world countries to compensate them for our outputs. We Aussie taxpayers have so far contributed $A185m cash to the Green Climate Fund, with another $A15m due before Christmas: total $A200m. Your taxes and kids futures being pissed up the wall on a Green con. Have a look at the low level of skill entering teaching.

Dumb idiots from a “feel good” education system repeating the does on your kids.

8:43 PM. Tue, Sep 18

Coal energy is bad, bad for the energy re-selling businesses, bad for big bosses who own those businesses so they pay big money to politicians to not allow those coal stations to be in Australia, they brainwash young greenies with global warming bull$hit just because of it. Nukes are no good either cos it will make energy prices go down and make their profits down.

On the bright side, this hard work for your electricity will keep you working hard at the same time keeping your body in tonus so you can definitely work longer until you get 67 .

1:45 PM. Tue, Sep 18

After 20 beers......

11:18 AM. Tue, Sep 18

They all look like this in Bond st.

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