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  Low: 2:13 AM / 0.10 m. High: 8:12 AM / 1.40 m. Low: 1:56 PM / 0.27 m. High: 8:25 PM / 1.96 m. Sunrise: 7:00 AM. Sunset: 4:54 PM.
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1:27 PM. Sat, Jun 24

know something???

Homelessness is a symptom of the increased marginalisation of our society as preceding generations of tax payers fund a system rorted by a new generation of welfare recipients (whether locally or internationally sourced is a separate issue)

Having funded this rort the preceding generation is then economically driven out of their homes by forced redundancies and rising real estate prices - producing an ever increasing downward spiral of economic servitude. The lucky ones - once driven from a home can avoid living on the streets for a while by living in their cars, until that option is no longer affordable...

Oh and its nice to see the Police rapidly doing there job...

8:59 AM. Sat, Jun 24

they killed him because he dropped on them

7:32 AM. Sat, Jun 24

I heard the cops biusted two blokes in Fenton Av for the car murder. Any one know anything?

8:44 AM. Thu, Jun 22

looks like she's got some bush mmm....

5:06 PM. Wed, Jun 21


Image result for sui he victoria's secret 2013

3:12 PM. Wed, Jun 21

ok deal, you can have all my chinees sheilas and i'll scratch your sis a few times

11:20 AM. Wed, Jun 21

swellnet says there were a few rescues yesterday, does anyone know who was rescued? the surf is punchy now i've scored a few yesterday and this morning. i was lucky not get cought out, feel good about it cool

4:00 PM. Tue, Jun 20

Yes I agree. The whole horse with pickled duck banquet for 10 is the go. How much for your daughter? I want to buy all your women.

10:15 PM. Mon, Jun 19
Nǐ shuō de shì yīgè mǔqīn de bái gǒu, wǒmen sī diào nǐ.

9:40 PM. Mon, Jun 19

By then the Chinese will own Australia. Why, because they are smart and know "Global Warming" is all left wing BS and all you have to do is bribe both sides of Aussie politics and they will sell us all out...........

6:38 PM. Mon, Jun 19

Wonder what happens when the lease on poles and wires runs out. Do the Investors come and chops down the poles and claim the copper from the wires at the local metal recycler.

4:38 PM. Mon, Jun 19

The reason the power cost is going up is the closure of coal fired power stations. We could have power for half the price of now with more coal fired power stations and nuclear power stations. Our emissions are SFA compared to China and India. We should enjoy what we have.

11:31 AM. Sun, Jun 18

Jesus was seen floating off the Bra this morning on his way North. 10 15 am frame.

10:46 AM. Sat, Jun 17

10:45 AM. Sat, Jun 17

Haven't seen any Greens statutes being passed by any Green Party majority govenrments lately....policy paralysis is the cause of the rise in cost; and the paralysis was created by the coal industries' blanket media scare campaign against the Gillard governments' very sensible adoption of a carbon price. Results was uncertainty in the industry fo rten years, no planning for obscolesecne and then also lets sell ALL the natural gas to Japan why dont we - they cook their udon noodels cheaper than we can now.
Remember "yer gonna ♫ get whacked ♪, ye gonna ♫ get whacked! ♪ by the mining tax!! " - what a chart topper - that was such an intelligent and well thought our manifesto supporting the Libs wasn't it...

1:07 PM. Fri, Jun 16

Power prices up by 20% p.a. from 1/7 thanks to green f**kwit policy.

making living more expensive and Australia uncompetitive..........

9:43 PM. Thu, Jun 15

Salt water is bad form my hyro house in Lexo dude can you tell me when its cuming

1:42 PM. Wed, Jun 14

If it floods Lexo its a good thing........

7:15 PM. Tue, Jun 13

I live a mile in the click from the beach 105 meter above sea level Bring on global warming, Im sick of walking that far to surf n fish.

11:12 AM. Tue, Jun 13

Greenland was once Green No thanks to human activity. Climate is a cycle. All the alarmist bulls**t needs to stop. Nuclear power is the go.

7:41 AM. Tue, Jun 13

If you really don't believe in global warming. Just go to Google Earth and look at the satellite images of the north pole for the last 30 years.

9:54 PM. Mon, Jun 12

Vote Labor your get no idea fools that spend on no idea. Vote Liberal your get no idea fools that spend it on themselves. Vote Green and you have no f**king idea.

12:09 PM. Mon, Jun 12

Macquarie Bank will not be drawn to comment on the issue of Desalination plants...
Kind Regards
Bob Carr

8:52 AM. Mon, Jun 12

Betty Windsor? dont you mean Saxe-Coburg

7:35 AM. Mon, Jun 12

err - nobody who comprehends the overwhelming evidence for anthropogenic change stated the desal plant was a good idea. It's "technology" of "reverse osmosis" is the application of coal fired power to force seawater through a filtration system. It's a terrible waste of money all round. For those in favour of propping up dying industries (with taxpayer funds) such as coal fired power plants it was an ideal project.

9:56 PM. Sun, Jun 11

over a hundred years ago and very recent you work out which is which...

12:17 PM. Sun, Jun 11

Good to see that bulls**t climate change report “Finkel Report” getting the pounding it deserves. It does not address impacts on prices or the economy. Remember the global warming bulls**t artists who said we needed the desalination plant. Global warming is a myth.

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