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  Low: 5:57 AM / 0.33 m. High: 12:09 PM / 1.40 m. Low: 6:04 PM / 0.54 m. Sunrise: 6:50 AM. Sunset: 5:12 PM.
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Waiting 7 hrs 43 mins for sunrise at 6:50am

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7:27 AM. Thu, Jul 27

I can't believe Houso Bob hasn't been nominated for the surfing walk of (almost) famous. Classy and classic Maroubra. One of the legends has all 3 sons doing time on drug convictions and another's most newsworthy claim is a session with SBW in the bathroom at the salubrious Cloey pub.

5:48 PM. Sun, Jul 23

Souffs, should have merged…

11:49 AM. Thu, Jul 20

Hey HB,

Here is a girl for you, unemployed, unemployable, bankrupt and sleeps around and has no kids:

11:43 AM. Thu, Jul 20

Everyone in this city surfs even tony rabbit surfs. I know a dude who’s got a beautiful surfboard he mounted it on his wall and never surfed it because he doesn't want the board to be dinged, the other kook I know told me he has never snapped any board but I know he surfs 2 times a year by the way he's considering himself as a surfer too. So Candice is a surfer no matter if she's just posing with or without a board.

9:10 PM. Wed, Jul 19

apparently Sonny Bill had a word with the judges...

5:54 PM. Wed, Jul 19

Amazing woman, but does Candice surf? Or is being a lifesaver considered enough?

5:52 PM. Wed, Jul 19

7:09 AM. Wed, Jul 19

4:28 PM. Mon, Jul 17

absolutely turned on this afternoon for half an hour.

11:49 AM. Sat, Jul 15

soccer is for shirt lifters .

6:55 PM. Fri, Jul 14

5:04 PM. Fri, Jul 14

Soccer bahahahaha over zelous fans wanting to bash everyone,flares and throw s**t at the players who fall over with a love tap. 90 minutes and no result ay

12:56 PM. Fri, Jul 14

NRL is a dying sport. Come on football....

9:55 AM. Thu, Jul 13

NSW blues .... useless bunch off numptys .

10:54 PM. Tue, Jul 11

Ever seen any of them other than the garbos working when it rains?

5:57 PM. Tue, Jul 11

Nor is it as good as the "Project Co-ordinators" jobs running all this usless rubbish. Your rates at work.......

7:30 AM. Mon, Jul 10

ha ha ha his job isn't as good as the Maroubra lifegaurds job

7:13 PM. Fri, Jul 7

where do I sign up for this job???

8:12 AM. Fri, Jul 7

More bulls**t from Council:

More like:

7 am sign on

7:15 am Go to a café at the Bar, get coffee and drive to south end car park, drink coffee read the paper.

9:00 am Go to Mahon Pool, give some rock fisho’s the s**ts then walk around in the sun looking for dogs off the lead.

1pm, got one, issue fine, job done.

1:15 pm go to bra get lunch, drive to La Perouse and eat lunch.

2pm walk around La Perouse in the sun looking for an opportune dog owner to fine or fisho’s to annoy.

3:30 drive to depot.

4 pm sign off

4:15 pm go to pub.

6:06 PM. Thu, Jul 6

One that good in a month you'd be more than feking happy ay

8:15 PM. Mon, Jul 3

One is your limit with all the kooks out there.....

8:29 PM. Sun, Jul 2

Got one today.

8:46 AM. Thu, Jun 29

Back to the gay chat rooms ay :)

7:16 PM. Wed, Jun 28

Why did they comeback then?.....Knocked back by the misses I'd reckon.

6:36 PM. Wed, Jun 28

Haven't been on this site for quite a while. I stopped because there are so many total kooks who, I strongly suspect, dont surf, spreading their ignorance, sexism, racism and stupidity across the wall. The clever comments are gone and only your bland, provocative, baseless assertations remain. I leave you with it. Seeya forever losers.

3:38 PM. Wed, Jun 28

The cops raided a joint in Portland Cres. re the muder. More to come.

2:03 PM. Wed, Jun 28

f@king suppers

8:07 PM. Tue, Jun 27

I choose to know nothing, anything that one says or quotes can be hanged burned at the stake or voted in as a politican.

1:27 PM. Sat, Jun 24

know something???

Homelessness is a symptom of the increased marginalisation of our society as preceding generations of tax payers fund a system rorted by a new generation of welfare recipients (whether locally or internationally sourced is a separate issue)

Having funded this rort the preceding generation is then economically driven out of their homes by forced redundancies and rising real estate prices - producing an ever increasing downward spiral of economic servitude. The lucky ones - once driven from a home can avoid living on the streets for a while by living in their cars, until that option is no longer affordable...

Oh and its nice to see the Police rapidly doing there job...

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