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  Low: 8:32 AM / 0.48 m. High: 2:25 PM / 1.12 m. Low: 8:02 PM / 0.62 m. Sunrise: 7:03 AM. Sunset: 6:57 PM.

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8:20 PM. Tue, Mar 26

He is "taking leave". Goes to show what happns when you stop cruize termianls, stop stadiums, support marine parks, houso etc. Call me 1300 NEXT :) We need to reloacte all houso and the jail way our west, say Cobar.

7:03 PM. Tue, Mar 26

Hopefully, we won't see the Delay one on the news talking crap at Fitzgerald st any more.

6:08 PM. Tue, Mar 26

Good to see Daley won't recontest. It will give him time to clean up all the pole rubbish up Malabar Raod and round the bra.

12:44 PM. Tue, Mar 26

It's almost Wednesday! 16 Bond st hosts pre-Wednesday social session tonight! BYO beers and ciggies! 16 Bond st ground level, entry from bonavista.

10:18 AM. Tue, Mar 26

That is the end for Bond Street then :)

8:00 AM. Tue, Mar 26

She must be one of the ladies at bond st.

8:00 PM. Mon, Mar 25

Daley Gone. Now Labor in NSW is being fronted by this:

Image result for penny sharpe

2:53 PM. Mon, Mar 25

Our ladies at 16 Bond St like the hard one! come over and BYO ciggies and beers.

9:36 AM. Mon, Mar 25

Trump cleared. Now all we need is a hard Brexit => Yay.

9:21 AM. Mon, Mar 25

This mob need to read the Racial Discrimination Act. Do the Mulims ever hold vigils when their extrimists carry out terror attacks on non-Muslims?

9:20 AM. Mon, Mar 25

I love hunting! Shooter and farmers party is going up and will take over libs and labs very soon.

9:12 AM. Mon, Mar 25

9:43 PM. Sun, Mar 24

I've booked my safari. I can't wait to shoot an innocent human aiming up on a giraffe lion or some other animal just trying to do it's thing. Great thing is my sight is up to 2ks. They won't feel a thing. Nor will I.

6:40 PM. Sun, Mar 24

Good to see One Nation and Shooters doing so well.

5:01 PM. Sun, Mar 24

Let's jack it off! we don't need stupid brits heritage, we're proud Australia! Also we need to rename it to native aboriginal name, not sure what it is but we have to , to something like fackafakca .

4:15 PM. Sun, Mar 24

Stop rooting Union people and you won't get Union jack.....

9:13 PM. Sat, Mar 23

It's time to get rid of the Union Jack. In all honesty who would want a STD.

9:07 AM. Sat, Mar 23

The brits want a hard Brexit because for years Police have warned that criminal syndicates have imported “keys” to aid in all sorts of crime. That is Pak-keys; Pike-keys, Dar-keys and Junk-keys.

11:51 AM. Fri, Mar 22

brits like the hard one .

11:12 AM. Fri, Mar 22

Looks like we are going for a hard Brexit. Good for us.

10:11 AM. Fri, Mar 22

here's the actual fight caught on camera

9:15 AM. Fri, Mar 22

Ben Fordham has received exclusive images of one man’s injuries after a fight over election posters that Michael Daley’s brothers were allegedly involved in.

Police have confirmed they were called to Mons Avenue at Maroubra around 9:30pm last Friday after reports of a fight.

Three ALP volunteers were allegedly putting up Michael Daley posters outside Maroubra Bowling Club when a man came out and asked them to take it down.

A source has alleged two of the men were Opposition Leader Michael Daley’s brothers, Peter and Paul Daley.

The volunteers reportedly refused to take the posters down, and a fight ensued.

The Daily Telegraph has reported the Daley brothers were not violent during the incident.

Dave, who is a pensioner, says he was attacked by the ALP volunteers and later taken to hospital with two broken ribs.

Ben Fordham has received exclusive photos of the man’s injuries.

7:14 PM. Thu, Mar 21

What size ?

6:41 PM. Thu, Mar 21

At least draw a penis on the ballot paper.

As long as you get your name marked off, you're good.

6:37 PM. Thu, Mar 21

Yes, just show up and buy a suage and put the ballot papers in blank.

5:30 PM. Thu, Mar 21

Are you allowed to not vote because there isn't one worth voting for except donkey?

12:23 PM. Thu, Mar 21

11:14 AM. Thu, Mar 21

It's all happening at Lakemba:

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