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  Low: 10:38 AM / 0.28 m. High: 5:03 PM / 1.59 m. Low: 11:19 PM / 0.38 m. Sunrise: 6:51 AM. Sunset: 4:54 PM.
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Waiting 13 hrs 17 mins for sunrise at 6:51am

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9:33 PM. Mon, May 30

the most odd think about class war is that neither side appears to have any...

7:14 PM. Mon, May 30

I'm sweet bra robbing houses in me suit. When they ask why i anint applied for jobs i tell em i spent all me money on the suit making a killing bra sell glass and chronic to the kids bra too easy bra

1:04 PM. Mon, May 30

And if he is a complete loser he will get a full pension, rent assistance, Salvos hardship voucher for electricity, etc. Full pension is $794.80 per fortnight or $397.40 per week. Houso bed sit rent is $35 per week. You have to run stove, hot water, light etc. You can send $10 per week to that bill from your pension and have the rent taken out of your pension too. After expenses you have about $40 per day. Use the Seals as a kitchen and lounge room and you will have free Foxtel etc. The Seals has $9.80 lunch and dinner specials. Opal card is $2.50 a day and the Sands has $7 bottles of wine that are ok or bin ends for $4 a bottle. Wollies at the Village has Chickens for $3 at the end of the day and lots of other stuff for a dollar, the stuff they are going to throw. You can make a mad stew for $5. Do a bit of fishing off the beach and you will be fine. The upper class can kiss my arse I’ve got a houso flat at last….

10:09 AM. Mon, May 30

Then he will be on the full pension... No - he isn't spending 100k a year. So it will last at least 8 years with pension increasing every year.

10:01 AM. Mon, May 30

That's a fact. With $400k savings, his dream will come to an end in around 4 years. Then he'll be watching every penny, and thinking that $100 per fortnight was not at all worth it.

2:25 PM. Sun, May 29

He has spent the $97K on himself and the $100 per fortnight is EXTRA, just cause he spent the money. Great policy. If you invest you get hit with capital gains tax.

Soon get through the cash if you try

10:35 PM. Sat, May 28

The more u spend the more they give.

2:34 PM. Sat, May 28

An extra $100 per fortnight, adds up to $2,600 per year. And he has spent $100,000 to get it.

So, your mate needs to find $97,400 per year from somewhere. Where does he get that money from?

12:26 PM. Sat, May 28

Yes, the more you spend the more they give you.

9:21 AM. Sat, May 28

Sounds good. Much better chance of a pay rise with a green socialist coalition. I have a retired mate on a pension, with a nice house one street back from the beach. He has about 400,000 in the bank. He tells me for every 100k he spends on trips to Indo - he goes x2 each year, the govt will increase his pension by about $100 a fortnight. HB Hero.

4:09 PM. Fri, May 27

What do you reckon HB, Green / Labor coalition? Be good, more tax on rich people, more houso, more dole money etc. I think this will happen. Looking forward to another decade of no work, surfing and on the drink.

3:30 PM. Thu, May 26

9:58 PM. Wed, May 25

Love the thinking.... When they go the build they put in multi items....dishwashers, mirocwaves, 2 door fridges etc. Harvey Norman is going to suffer a drought when I get to work.

8:32 PM. Wed, May 25

wow! coogee today

5:43 PM. Wed, May 25

3:13 PM. Wed, May 25

Move over inmates (none of whom actually can get to the beach) and replace them with 2500 Meriton units. Your problem children of the public housing estates are going nowhere and whinging about them is not going to remove them. Give me a Houso Bob over an Audi driving merchant banker who has half his money in the family trust and the rest stacked in a flaky bank in Raratonga anyday of the century.

3:12 PM. Wed, May 25

have you considered forcing them into organ donation scheme's?
works well in China

11:54 AM. Wed, May 25

Just keen to get rid of housos and other lower class individuals who do not pay reates, taxes etc.

11:14 AM. Wed, May 25

Be careful what you wish for boofhead. Why are you so keen to shove thousands more troids into Malabar and Little Bay. You think Sally Betts and Father Baird are going to do you lots of favours with all that extra revenue?

10:26 AM. Wed, May 25

Exactly why houso, the jail. Malabar Headland etc. should be sold to developers. Let’s get rich rate payers in there rather than houso losers. Shift all the losers out west to Cobar or Broken Hill caravan parks. All they need is a Centrelink, Dr., IGA and an RSL. Schooner of bruiser son and a packet of Winnie Blue’s

9:00 AM. Wed, May 25

You can tell which homes are close to the Houso's in the real estate ads in the Southern Courier 100k cheaper, security cameras and bars on all the entry points. A good house breaker then waits till the packers come in and label all the good stuff to steal the day before the move. Kept me in good stead for the last 40 years. Anybody need some nice gold, TV's or Laptops give me a call. If you see a bunch of kids kicking a footie in your street call the cops immediately. Little mutts are trying to cut my margins FFS

10:26 AM. Tue, May 24

The Greens want to bring in 50,000 illiterate and innumerate refugees from Muslim Countries EVERY year. This will cost the public purse $800M p.a. So, I reckon we do build high rise on all the Bar and places like South Coogee and Waverley Cemetery (did up the dead and get rid of them) so that the yuppy Green voters round here get the “benefit” of the influx.

Meanwhile Labor is promising spending out the door when we have a national debt that is growing fast before this out of control additional spending.

My view is you should vote in the Senate:

1. Shooters, Fishers and Farmers.

2. Australian Liberty Alliance.

3. Liberal Democratic Party.

4. Liberal National Party Coalition.

5. Out Door Recreation Party.

6. Darren Hinch Justice Party.

8:39 AM. Tue, May 24

I agree, concrete all the parks and golf courses build 25 storey appartment and farm "battery humans"
guareenteed economic recovery for the upper classes.
lacking infrastructor for the unwashed - good makes it easier to rule over them!!!

7:53 AM. Tue, May 24

Good to get rid of the jail for development. Same goes for Malabar Headland and all houso in the East. Rich people only in the East. That is the go.

11:37 PM. Mon, May 23

Mike Manly Baird wants to sell off the Malabar Hilton, we can only guess he is eyeing off South Headland for another few hundred thousand punters. The Mutt (His schoolboy nickname) is ringing true. Also blokes your age Mutt gave up on hair gel years ago you vain turd. Perhaps a baseball cap in reverse might suit.

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