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  Low: 4:52 AM / 0.31 m. High: 10:47 AM / 1.22 m. Low: 4:13 PM / 0.54 m. High: 10:46 PM / 1.64 m. Sunrise: 6:44 AM. Sunset: 4:58 PM.
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Waiting 3 hrs 36 mins for sunrise at 6:44am

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10:16 PM. Tue, May 21

The good news story today - As the ASX broke another record high again today, Infigen Energy, Alex & Daddy Turncoats debt ridden failing windmill company, has lost $72m in the last 48hrs 🔥

More loses to come, wait until the market settles 😂

Q. When is Alex building windmills in Warringah

11:41 AM. Tue, May 21

The taxpayers' ABC has deteriorated to gutter level in their NEWS area! THE DRUM, INSIDERS, NEWS 24, STAN GRANT, CANBERRA CORRESPONDENTS, ABC BREAKFAST, to name just a few! Sell off or dump NEWS 24 station, and get back to focussing on rural areas, factual documentaries, and shows like LANDLINE AND BACKROADS!!!
#abcdisgrace #dumpthedrum #dumpinsiders

10:09 AM. Tue, May 21

Yeah the renewable subsidies are jsut waste of my money, what a joke those vents which are useless as

10:03 AM. Tue, May 21

Fake news. The ASX is well above 10 yaers ago, do you remember the GFC you financial loser. Now the socalist left wing negative gearing is gone prices are on the up as of yesteday

8:28 AM. Tue, May 21

What drugs are you on. Stock market is only just recovering from where it was 10 years ago. And the housing market is down.

They will cut renewable subsidies once they take hold. That was inevitable.

7:16 AM. Tue, May 21

Yes. Tax cuts will go through now which is huge. Just like Trump. Stock Market up, property up. Let’s hope they cut pensions and the dole, get rid of all renewable subsidies and sell the left wing ABC. Also, let’s stop Muslim migration here and encourage them to leave. ONE NATION RULES.

8:31 PM. Mon, May 20

I love coal in my beer. There's no global warming! Yeah!

3:15 PM. Mon, May 20

Labour and it's elites got pulverized. More coal mines and dams. More jobs. more beer and Rabbitohs just get better. Life is good at moment.

1:53 PM. Mon, May 20

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "The North Pole will be ice-free in the summer by 2013 because of man-made global warming. Al Gore, 2009 2019 Nope, it's still cold!"

12:01 PM. Mon, May 20

It gets even better people!

Turncoat & Son Alex just lost tens of millions, failing to get pro Green Energy Labor elected 😂 ....."Infigen Energy" their failed windmill company's stock will drop like a stone Monday morning!

And like every Green dream company in the world its never made a dollar of profit and never will! It's $500m plus in debt already! 😂

Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars in pointless subsidies will not be coming Alex!

This time the pump and dump con job back fired you Turncoats! 😂😂😂

11:58 AM. Mon, May 20

Lower cost power means jobs, job, jobs. And let's hope there is an end to the renewable subsidy and all Marine Parks get the punt in favour of fishing and commecial fishing. Jobs Jobs Jobs. Get craking on HELI and fracking etc.

10:31 AM. Mon, May 20

Niiiice........... cheaper electricity means more money for beer and stuff!

9:43 AM. Mon, May 20

Hope they sell the left wing ABC to newscorp. LABOR AND THE GREENS CANNOT 'CONTROL' THE SENATE!!! It always takes a lot longer to determine the final numbers in the Senate, and of course, the final MP's in the Senate, is crucial to getting legislation passed!!! But Scomo's 'miracle' win looks like he will not have much trouble getting support in the Upper House, with a 'right leaning' cross bench looking pretty certain! Late Sunday night, the Coalition has 33 likely seats, Labor 26, and Greens unchanged at 9. But the difference this time around, is that Scomo will only need a few to help pass legislation. And with Pauline Hanson likely to get back Malcolm Roberts, and Corey Bernardi of the Conservatives, who are all not likely to support Greens/Labor, Scomo should easily be able to gain support of the 'Kingmakers' for right-wing Legislation!

8:39 AM. Mon, May 20

Go Coal Power Go! I'm happy the labour and greeens are below the waterline :D !

7:28 AM. Mon, May 20

Solid argument you "dopped" dinosaur. Logic like that has clearly gotten you far in life. Better get your K-Mart-heavy resume to the Australian Academy of Science ASAP - they'll be fascinated at your expertise.

7:20 AM. Mon, May 20

One Nation’s share of the primary vote has increased across the country - but nowhere more so than in Queensland, where voters punished Labor and rewarded Pauline Hanson’s party.

The Labor party recorded a 3.47 per cent swing against it in the Sunshine state, based on first preferences, while a three per cent swing to One Nation helped it capture 8.7 per cent of the state primary vote.

7:15 AM. Mon, May 20

Good to see that refo lover Phellps go.

7:12 AM. Mon, May 20

Here we go, another dopped school kid left his green crap on the wall.

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