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  Low: 1:29 AM / 0.32 m. High: 7:37 AM / 1.50 m. Low: 1:40 PM / 0.37 m. High: 7:47 PM / 1.57 m. Sunrise: 5:33 AM. Sunset: 5:57 PM.
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9:21 AM. Fri, Sep 30

All Governments are looking for tax money to pay for Aboriginals who do nothing and refugees who don’t work. Look at the backpacker tax, 19% up from nothing yet we have hundreds of thousands of refugees here who won’t leave the city and won’t work i.e. won’t do the back packer jobs. Look at the left wing ABC Q@A Fact Check:

No dole for anyone and forced labour after four weeks of unemployment NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

6:22 AM. Fri, Sep 30

I agree about Chinese, china expands and sends its troops out anywhere, by the way chinese banks provide homeloan to its people with only 1% interest rate with minimum 1% deposit . I know a china dude who just bough a house in dover heghts for $2.8 mil the money came from chinese bank. Also the stamp duty is a big grab i would say ripp off and government loves it especialy with current property prices, however it's not that bad as you pay it once the beardy wants to make you to pay for your land yearly it's called land tax which will replace stamp duty tax. this country is going to the place you know what it's called.

11:06 PM. Thu, Sep 29

Meriton Maroubra at least the blokes that started it from Kingsford and old school house s**thole liked a bit of rack

4:20 PM. Thu, Sep 29

2:25 PM. Thu, Sep 29

You bang on about refugees and all the hype that we will be swamped. The real refugees are coming in thousands through the airport legally they are called Chinese millionaires. Good luck in buying your first home !

10:05 AM. Thu, Sep 29

some refugees at north maroubra trying to settle on our beach.

some refugees at north maroubra trying to settle on our beach. 10.05am 29/09/2016

10:01 AM. Thu, Sep 29

it should be Quality emigration not quantity. Support the general skill migrants and educated youngters and cut those numbers who arrives on boats without docs. and stuff the greenes they're pot smokers with pink glasses.

9:17 AM. Thu, Sep 29

I agree, max out all credit cards and hope for the end :)

9:10 AM. Thu, Sep 29

It does seem to be an overpopulation issue doesnt it. And most of the refos that are on the move are actually from poor countries, not torn countries. Education maybe but when you look at the so-called educated countries, they are the main culprits of global poverty and degradation. The downward spiral of the planet has no brakes.

9:05 AM. Thu, Sep 29

it was 80million a year not 800. He only said it 3 times.

8:41 AM. Thu, Sep 29

The issue is there are too many people. In poor nations they are clearing rainforest etc. to make farm land to either grow crops to feed them or feed animals they in turn send to us. See here:

In the developed world we all “must have” things like I-Phone, air-conditioned house, all the consumer goods we can get and we clear land to build huge houses to house us. This all adds to environmental degradation. If we theoretically put the 3 billion poor people in the gas chamber tomorrow, would we notice a difference? Well, as the author below sets out, probably not much because they are eking out an existence consuming little and having not much impact.

Oxfam found:

1. On Monday, Oxfam published a startling report showing that the richest 85 people in the world are worth more than the poorest 3.5 billion.

See here:

So we only need to put 85 people in the gas chamber and redistribute the wealth. Russia tried this and now after all that it has the highest level of wealth inequality in the world:

Solution, tax the arse off people how have children. Self-indulgent bastards.

8:01 AM. Thu, Sep 29

Really dumb video. Immigartion comes from war torn countries, not poor people happily living off the land in India, China, or wherever.

And the 800million new poor people, are offset by the 750million or so poor people that die. Admittedly, yes, the number of poor people is growing, but not at 800 million people a year. Geez, at that rate, the poor people would double the world population in 9 years. Ridiculous! That guy is a misleading idiot.

10:49 PM. Wed, Sep 28

2:21 PM. Wed, Sep 28

49% agree with Pauline Hanson. They also read Ralph and New Idea............

On the rename of Batman Park, typical left wing s**t.

9:02 AM. Wed, Sep 28

Sweden not SWEEEEEDEN.
The Express!!! What are you reading. With its 400,000 daily readers out of a population of 65million, it is obviously a newspaper of quality and worth. I know half its headlines are about topless women and the other half anti-muslim but someone has to tell the truth. Right?

8:46 AM. Wed, Sep 28

Herald Sun ? Another Murdoch conservative rag!

6:21 PM. Tue, Sep 27

Still the only country that wiped out a population native to Palawa. Adolf and Stalin gave it a decent crack.

11:02 PM. Mon, Sep 26

Had nothing? They had space to move around, and time; All the time in the world.

After working for 50 years, these two things are the only truly valuable items my money can buy. The had it all without the drudgery. They were not the fools you think.

8:20 PM. Mon, Sep 26

6:16 PM. Mon, Sep 26

7:40 AM. Mon, Sep 26

I a proud as f**k with m white heritage and if my ancestors had anything to do with Australia's past I wouldn't have grown up in Lexo that's for sure. But since I don't know who my ancestors are either, as they were sent over here as convicts over a land dispute ironically By the same assholes that invaded Australia, I couldn't be sure..... Also do you think the Swedish, Irish, Welsh etc.. should be ashamed of white history.

7:04 PM. Sun, Sep 25

We are all children under the sun equality for all. Now f**k off with your racist rants.

9:56 AM. Sun, Sep 25

Given they had nothing and did nothing with what they had but now have education, medical treatment etc. I think they should be somewhat grateful while still pressing their case.

7:56 AM. Sun, Sep 25

My god, a voice of reason. How did that get on here.

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