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  High: 12:56 AM / 1.45 m. Low: 7:59 AM / 0.49 m. High: 2:02 PM / 1.08 m. Low: 7:23 PM / 0.71 m. Sunrise: 6:25 AM. Sunset: 5:20 PM.
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Waiting 6 hrs 3 mins for sunrise at 6:25am

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8:49 AM. Thu, Apr 25

7:32 AM. Thu, Apr 25

Who hurt you?

6:36 AM. Thu, Apr 25

Clive does not have to. He is showing the working class swine what you can do with $92 M a quatrer and they are all going for him. Nothing like a 3KG Rib Eye with chips and gravey and a bottle or 3 of Grange at taxpayers expense. Vote One Nation 1, Clive 2 and Frazer Anning 3 on the big paper.

10:45 PM. Wed, Apr 24

Good to see he is still a fat f**k. Paid any of his debts yet?

10:55 AM. Wed, Apr 24

Good to see Clive Plamer with 14% in QLD. Looking forward to the lower classes on an 80 hour work week @ $7 per hour with no entilments. Its what the imports will work for....

11:55 PM. Tue, Apr 23

Is she still collecting welfare while sucking Britain dry of tax payers money? "GOD SAVE THE DOLE"

7:15 PM. Mon, Apr 22

Briton, gone to the dogs since they let in the wogs. Restart the Commonwealth and back to "God save the Queen" for the anthem.

4:18 PM. Mon, Apr 22

Briton a s**t stain on the world.

8:36 AM. Mon, Apr 22

The wogs won't want the jobs if the pound keeps falling. Brits might soon be so poor they won't be able to afford a holiday in a sunny country. Welcome to Brexit, you voted for it.

7:58 AM. Mon, Apr 22

Good to see Brexit resulting in jobs for Brits rather than wogs: B

ritons have filled nearly all of the new jobs created in the UK since the 2016 referendum and businesses are “clearly already adjusting” to lower EU immigration, the Government has said.

Alok Sharma, Employment Minister, said the number of EU nationals joining the workforce since the Brexit vote in 2016 had fallen to fewer than 35,000.

But in the two years before the referendum more than 410,000 EU citizens joined the workforce.

11:18 AM. Sun, Apr 21

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

8:59 AM. Sat, Apr 20

7:36 PM. Fri, Apr 19

6:55 PM. Thu, Apr 18

9:16 PM. Wed, Apr 17

Fark, some dribblers on here now.

2:32 PM. Wed, Apr 17

The woman on the wall is the queen of 16 Bond St, she sings and more.

1:55 PM. Wed, Apr 17

Is that photo Carl Arena? I remember he had a pair of those pant. can I bring my pet goat to Bond party? It followed me home from easter show.

1:23 PM. Wed, Apr 17

16 Bond Street, was once the scene of debauchery, drugs and alcohol fueled parties.

Now it seems the fun police/politically correct poo jappers have taken over.

All hail "the finger" Hopoate

12:19 PM. Wed, Apr 17

This Friday the 25th, is a good friday because the jews killed the jesus at that day 2k years ago. Come to 16 Bond st to celebrate this event! BYO beers and ciggies. Entry via rubbish bin bay at bonavista. Dress code: thongs allowed.

7:11 AM. Wed, Apr 17

There was construction - renovation at Notre Dame, a huge amount of money was given on it but the result was s**t, most likely they've burnt it to cover the stolen funds which were released for this reno plus they get back it from insurance.

7:03 AM. Wed, Apr 17

Nobody knows why Notre Dame caught on fire but Quasimodo has a hunch.

11:00 AM. Tue, Apr 16

israely hallal is off to bond st.

7:56 PM. Mon, Apr 15

If you are with him the church is full of pedos and alcos, i.e. Pell in a Cell. But he does have the right to put his view.

6:33 PM. Mon, Apr 15

I'm with Israel Halal! no fags no pedos no alcos.

3:02 PM. Mon, Apr 15

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