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  Low: 1:24 AM / 0.45 m. High: 7:43 AM / 1.52 m. Low: 2:14 PM / 0.34 m. High: 8:13 PM / 1.29 m. Sunrise: 6:43 AM. Sunset: 7:29 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

10:17 AM. Tue, Mar 3

they have submarines?

10:11 AM. Tue, Mar 3

Yeah, lets invade them. They out number us, and have better Jets, Ships and a bigger army. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa righhht. ohh and better submarines.

9:55 PM. Mon, Mar 2

Lets invade Indonesia, they are a third world country with a corrupt govenrment and let's once and for all kill the Muslim threat they impose. Then we can shoot our own drug dealers.

12:05 AM. Sun, Mar 1

There is no god so America is up s**t creek in a barbed wire canoe.

12:06 PM. Fri, Feb 27

Chick at Liberal P:arty fundraiser:

7:58 AM. Fri, Feb 27

The bowlo is selling its pokies to the Imba's for $90K. They owe $80K so I'd hurry up and get that lobster back........

9:15 PM. Thu, Feb 26

Having a beer at the bowlo and this bloke sidles up........Lend us a rocklobster mate. Houso Bob?..Give you a tip Bob its a certainty and it's in race 3 at The Farm and it's name is when I get my rock back.

7:28 AM. Wed, Feb 25

Good, people are stopping booking holidays in Bali

8:42 AM. Fri, Feb 20

great trailer. you would run out of bullets in Maroubra.

8:24 AM. Fri, Feb 20

I agre. Awsome movie

8:00 PM. Thu, Feb 19


10:17 AM. Thu, Feb 19

Oh well the undertaker is whinging that he has not been paid

And, Randwick Council firing squad in as much as they send 12 blokes on wages but only 3 have real bullets.

9:30 AM. Thu, Feb 19

Cannot believe the amount of pressure this country is putting on Indo for their form of justice. These blokes were importing smack for money. They are the lowest laziest sleazy creeps ever. When they are caught and sentenced to die, they reform. All the peoples lives they have ruined in australia with their avarice. No, I dont believe in the death penalty but I am not going to tell Indonesia they are wrong because of these two clowns. 32 states in US execute people. I dont hear us whining about them.

8:34 AM. Thu, Feb 19

some people will cancel trips most wont.
otherwise no one would have gone back after the Bali bombings...

6:41 PM. Wed, Feb 18

Excellent. Agree no death penalty. All should can trips to indo and let the tourism joints know why.

7:09 AM. Wed, Feb 18

I've cancelled my planned trip to Indo next month. F@$k the Indonesians and their death penalties. I'm against drug smuggling but shooting traffickers is too harsh a punishment. I know I've opened a can of worms but that how I feel. Maybe a drop in tourists from Oz will show them how us Aussies feel about this issue.

9:57 AM. Tue, Feb 17

Let's make sure we boycott Indonesia due to their cruel methods, death penalty and corruption.

4:55 PM. Mon, Feb 16

the ocean is full of TEETH

1:32 PM. Sat, Feb 14

4m great white in lurline. ITs official. Every beach on the east coast has a 4m great white resident. Thats why they didnt run the water events at today's branch clubbie comp.

7:31 AM. Sat, Feb 14

Hahahaa. Good one.

9:08 PM. Fri, Feb 13

A Swedish back packer went to maroubra beach today got down to the water and the shark alarm sounded clearing the water.
Not having seen anything I went and asked the lifeguards what happened??
The lifeguard replied

"Im sure I saw a Finn"

4:56 PM. Thu, Feb 12

Anyone egt the automated phone survey of who you voted for last time etc.? I said I was voting for HB.

9:07 AM. Wed, Feb 11

Hey pretensious wankers are real people to, not all of them can be in Parliment

4:30 PM. Tue, Feb 10

The so called Eastern Suburbs use to be full of real people not pretentious wankers !!

7:35 AM. Tue, Feb 10

The eastern suburbs should be for upper class rich people. Not houso's etc.

9:55 PM. Mon, Feb 9

Was out surfing today. There was a kook on a mal. When he got out he strapped his loser stick onto his porsche Cayenne (average price $150,000) and drove away with his wet wettie on. A symbol of the new Maroubra.
When I left the beach on Sunday at about 11a, I just sat at the back of my car for 5 mins until a local drove past looking for a park and gave it to him.

When I got out of the water today, I picked up 5 bits of plastic crap on the sand and chucked it in the bin at the showers.

3:10 PM. Mon, Feb 9

Peta Credlin must be awsome, Abbot won't dump her.........

7:39 AM. Mon, Feb 9

Homo ya don't.

8:17 AM. Sat, Feb 7

saw demonstrative lesbians kissing at North Car park this morning.

Maroubra is the new Bondi???

7:49 AM. Fri, Feb 6

Triple J survey. 52% agree Bali 9 should be shot.

Haven't seen anything from the Bali 9 on Tripadvisor?

11:58 PM. Mon, Feb 2

She has a head like a robbers dog so yeah, she'd have plenty of experience.

9:53 PM. Mon, Feb 2

I' reckon Senator Lambie would be a decent root.

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