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  Low: 1:36 AM / 0.31 m. High: 7:27 AM / 1.30 m. Low: 1:09 PM / 0.37 m. High: 7:41 PM / 1.78 m. Sunrise: 7:00 AM. Sunset: 4:56 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

7:45 AM. Wed, Jul 1

no way get eff, eff off!

7:46 PM. Tue, Jun 30

Eff yeah. I am goin' with all my deadbeat looser (sic) mates. I know people coming from north coast for the night. Wouldn't miss it - last time was mad. If you go, you are gonna have the best fun. Recommended.

12:31 PM. Tue, Jun 30

So it's simply harsh then?

11:32 AM. Tue, Jun 30

thats more than a little harsh...

10:37 AM. Tue, Jun 30

Only old dead beat losers who live in the past.

1:49 AM. Tue, Jun 30

Anyone seeing the Angels next Friday.

5:25 PM. Sun, Jun 28

Should have a touch footie game between the other clubs so we can beat the crap out of the scum.

10:40 AM. Thu, Jun 25

Yeah, and he was competing in all 4 comps. I saw him trying to stand up on hes boogie board. yew

8:45 AM. Wed, Jun 24

Yes, I heard the last Sec Manager tried to root one of the bar chicks while posing as the good family man with 3 kids. Joke!

4:48 PM. Tue, Jun 23

4 comps a month is good. Their admin is so weak that you can join every comp without ever paying your money but get good winter lineups with 3 mates for 25 minutes at a time. Bob is a member of all 3 boardriders and has been for 20 years

2:26 PM. Tue, Jun 23

Who gives a f**k about that s**t heap. It is disgusting place and has been since I have been living in Maroubra, its INEVITABLE..............

Lets get back on track with the 4 comps a month. wayyyy to much

12:21 PM. Tue, Jun 23

Run into the ground by the past management. Too busy hitting the piss and trying to solicit the staff.

8:50 PM. Mon, Jun 22

Bowlo Bistro shutdown:
Thats because it was a crappy, soulless operation with substandard food. If that club wants to survive, the food needs to be competitive and quality. They need to find a niche and that should be upto the new operator and if they are good, the club should offere as much support as possible.

3:43 PM. Mon, Jun 22

I see the bowlo bistro is closing on 30/6. When will they ever learn. Meat raffle cut from 10 trays to 3 and $7 schooners.

They should be on FU Tube

10:09 AM. Mon, Jun 22

lol, yeah sit there for twenty minutes for a one minute break.

Half a brain is what you have my friend.

7:10 PM. Sun, Jun 21

If you have a half a brain you sit off the comps and get decent waves at interval of every heat.

7:04 PM. Sun, Jun 21

5 bucks per hour to have a surf what planet are you on ya muppet. Git under the house ya mongrel

6:02 PM. Sat, Jun 20

Except for me as I can don my berkenstocks and stroll down to the waves from my close poximititty.

3:07 PM. Fri, Jun 19

Parking should be $5 per hour, no exceptions. This will keep a flow of people going through and $20 a surf is not too much to pay for a green vegan world. Use public transport or buy a bike.

12:09 PM. Thu, Jun 18

pisses me off when the surf comps set themselves up on the best bank on the weekend.

no one owns the waves!!!

10:37 PM. Wed, Jun 17

Sydney city council will ban all motor vehicles down the beach. Only vegans and bikes with their toddlers strapped to make shift go carts on the end will be allowed to come.

10:15 AM. Wed, Jun 17

Big enough and ridiculous enough to have two Surf Life Saving clubs...One too many.
Another point. Once we amalgamate with Waverley council, you can kiss your free parking goodbye.

9:11 AM. Wed, Jun 17

its a joke really, too many.

Like its not exactly a big beach ether.

8:03 AM. Wed, Jun 17

Boardriders - It’s like Monty Python and the People's Front of Judea, splitters.

9:11 PM. Tue, Jun 16

So how many board rider association's do we have at the Bra? 15 or so at last count?

1:31 PM. Tue, Jun 16

State of Origin surfing.
Wright from NSW in Blue gets two x perfect 10's at Tavarua to beat Wilson of Qld in red. Same result tomorrow.

NSW 20, Qld 8

1:21 PM. Tue, Jun 16

YES. Southend are using Mid to North - This is well run but go down your end. NMSA has risen from the ashes for their illicit comps and MSA just had their 3rd of the season, also well run but took up too much of the beach. Body boards - who cares actually. ITs like they arent even there.

12:11 PM. Tue, Jun 16


10:22 AM. Tue, Jun 16

Is 3 surfing and 1 bodyboard comp a month too excessive?

8:35 PM. Mon, Jun 15

Souths are s**t......went broke came back still broke if they lose rusty turd owe 13 mill and took 40 plus years to win a shield. hardly a champion side without Teo and that other pommie most of their fans are homeless dragged into ANZ to bump up the numbers and given free dental. And the Wests Tigers wipe their arse.

10:27 AM. Mon, Jun 15

Alas, Tigers (if they are losers - what does that say about sowffs) absolutely flogged your team of softck loosers (sic) and once again, never pay the ferryman until you are on the other side.

12:19 PM. Sat, Jun 13

I went to the bowlo.

They have cut the raffles back from 10 trays to 3. Why bother. No pokies to play given South's were losing so I went to the imbas.

Plus, $7 a schooner for the top shelf beer, who's paying that?

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