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  High: 5:19 AM / 1.27 m. Low: 11:18 AM / 0.44 m. High: 5:53 PM / 1.61 m. Sunrise: 7:00 AM. Sunset: 4:54 PM.
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Surf Wall Write on the Wall

5:13 PM. Sat, Jun 23

Bring them all.

5:10 PM. Sat, Jun 23

Council Rangers fining Rock Fishers at Lurline, Ka ching:

Money raising

10:09 AM. Fri, Jun 22

I have an old cat board can I bring that? How many animals can I bring? I'd like to let out a few pigeons so the cats can go beserk in hosue.

9:55 PM. Thu, Jun 21

High tel crowd, they need to connect the f**king dots to find a s**thole.

2:10 PM. Thu, Jun 21

16 Bond St! Party Heaven!

1-Entry from bonavista

2-Party stage

3- Upper partystage

4 - inside party stage

BYO and ciggies.

1:45 PM. Thu, Jun 21

FU Woolworths! I just had to spend $3.50 on 50 super tough plastic tidy bin bags cause you stopped giving out free ones.

1:17 PM. Thu, Jun 21

Can I bring my mouse? I can preform some weird tricks. I lost my cat, so no cat lap tricks anymore.

11:55 AM. Thu, Jun 21

Can I bring my cat? I can preform some weird tricks. I lost my dog, so no dogs body tricks any more.

10:40 AM. Thu, Jun 21

Yes, you can BYO sausage and ciggies to 16 Bond St.

10:52 AM. Wed, Jun 20

CAN I bring my own sausage or there will be sausages at Bond St?

9:47 AM. Wed, Jun 20

The meeting has been called off. Please contact Peter Robinson. An excursion has been arranged to Luna Park in the coming weeks. MBA will be having sausage sizzle at Bond st.

10:32 PM. Tue, Jun 19

VVVVV I respect your right to choose your own life style...

5:13 PM. Tue, Jun 19

Socialise with? I'd rather put honey on my nuts and sit on a bull ant's nest.

3:06 PM. Tue, Jun 19

If you feel cold a lonely come to 16 Bond St. The ladies will be happy to socialise with you on the cosy porch under the cover from the rain and wind.

BYO and cigies.

11:47 AM. Sun, Jun 17

Fishers fined for not wearing a life jacket and whale watchers not while standing onthe same rock. FU NSW Government. And thanks for the big rise in the emergency services levey - NOT!

4:36 PM. Sat, Jun 16

Warming up with beers at 16 Bond St!

3:07 PM. Thu, Jun 14

Image result for Straya c**t VB

8:31 AM. Thu, Jun 14

Do not forget about afternoon Social meeting at 16 Bond St this Friday and Saturday. BYO and ciggies.

6:12 PM. Wed, Jun 13

The lower caste are keeping my house price down. I want to be richer and look down on they who have less than me. I will feel pity sometimes but only once a year. Move them out to Mudgee they can pick grapes.

11:47 AM. Wed, Jun 13

Houso = low property value. Piss them off to Claymore

9:05 AM. Wed, Jun 13

No one will touch the 16 Bond St, it's the best place to party and socialise in whole ES! Don't forget to bring your ciggies.

9:05 AM. Wed, Jun 13

It would be great if everyone contributed to society. But they don't, for various reasons. Putting those that don't out west, is not the answer.

3:34 PM. Tue, Jun 12

I think they should relocate all the Houso out west and build the Hospital on that. We don’t need the socio economic low types in Sydney’s East.

11:41 AM. Tue, Jun 12

8:18 AM. Tue, Jun 12

Another NSW government DPI botch up.

10:10 AM. Mon, Jun 11

Rock Fishing: Always wear a wetsuit and cleats. Don't comply with the DPI lie.

9:13 AM. Mon, Jun 11

As a professional fart smeller, one's job is to sniff thefart and, based upon that, assess the internal condition of the body. This stands as an alternative to X-rays, radiography and exploratory surgery, allows physicians to learn the lay of the land inside a patient's body without scanning it or opening it up.

5:38 PM. Sun, Jun 10

Party! Party! Party! 16 Bond St. Now! Now! Now!

9:52 AM. Fri, Jun 8

That is Houso Bob.....

9:13 AM. Fri, Jun 8

I've been to bond st, there're a few grannies and some old blokes, I would not call it party but they drink and smoke for long time and making some noses, don't think they on meth but defenetly on alcho.

9:18 PM. Thu, Jun 7

There is no grannies at bond st no darts chip seller the bloke spruiking the party rekon he smells his own farts and enjoys others.

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