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  Low: 12:57 AM / 0.35 m. High: 7:31 AM / 1.61 m. Low: 2:07 PM / 0.27 m. High: 7:58 PM / 1.25 m. Sunrise: 5:40 AM. Sunset: 8:04 PM.
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Dunny Wall Write on the Wall

8:39 AM. Fri, Dec 19

I'm waiting for the inheritance. She put me on the list so I get her houso when she goes. Good on ya mum.

7:00 AM. Fri, Dec 19

Betcha mum would like to see the last of you.

4:02 PM. Thu, Dec 18

I just snipped me mum so I could have a punt and a drink.

1:52 PM. Thu, Dec 18

Foxtel. Why waste money on that poop.

7:46 AM. Wed, Dec 17

Oh, well your mum has the job and you should give her the money so she can have a holiday.

6:06 PM. Tue, Dec 16

Bulls**t. All you do on access weekend is leave the kids with ya mum with 4 litres of Coke and a bucket of KFC and go to the pub. Give them the Foxtel remote and the x box and ya sweet.

3:14 PM. Tue, Dec 16

Looking after kids is like having a job, Bob.

11:14 AM. Tue, Dec 16

I can afford Hawaii but Indo is ten times better.......Cool

11:53 AM. Mon, Dec 15

Public housing should be removed from all costal suburbs and relocated to the far west to end this abuse of tax payers funds. Shame on you flaunting your holiday. BTW Indonesia is for people who can’t afford Hawaii.

11:44 PM. Sun, Dec 14

I bet moneyy you leave on the first, only cause our politicains deserve it

9:43 PM. Sun, Dec 14

How's a blokes luck. I been looking after the boys on weekends now for about a year since their mother found a new yob (with a job) and when I told the department, they said I could get more money and then backpaid me for the last 12 months. Bob is now ready for a trip to Indo next season. I reckon I should be able to stretch it out for a couple of months at least and I already paid for my ticket. Bob will be away for a couple of months next April. Dont miss me too much.

6:59 PM. Sun, Dec 14

Liberal Turd: You keep persisiting in developing Malabar Headland and I'm going to find you and shove Pru Gowards head down your throat so you both choke on your own bad breath.

6:50 PM. Sun, Dec 14

Beware Pru Goward. The old bag is sniffing around for her developer mates.

8:55 AM. Fri, Dec 12

Old Mick lived out there for years you pussy :)

4:55 PM. Thu, Dec 11

I started building a house on Maroubra headland but people kept shooting at me. Bit hairy up that lead-laden hill.

9:20 AM. Thu, Dec 11

Typical green bull s**t. Can't prove anything so mouth off. Same as green bull s**t stopped the development of the bra. We need to redevelop Malabar Headland for housing and get some cash back into the NSW account.

11:10 PM. Wed, Dec 10

I've just dropped 2 tabs of acid and a puff of Ice, I'll be a lengend down there Bra forever bra bra

10:50 PM. Wed, Dec 10

To the idiot, the hook hole in its top gob. and if you think i'm going to research and prove a fact you can shove your hed up a dead bears bum.

3:53 PM. Wed, Dec 10

To true

5:35 PM. Tue, Dec 9

Multinationals (Google) bringing down the economy. Pay no tax at all !! unlike the rest of us who are working that is.

4:26 PM. Tue, Dec 9

Houso losers bringing down the economy...

9:50 PM. Mon, Dec 8

There were some good waves at Maroubra today in fine conditions with offshores all day but the sand isnt great and there are lots of flat sections between the outside banks and the shore. A bit better down southend and less crowded generally. Of course, thats where I saw Bob surfing for about two hours after the tide started running down. Before that I watched him catch about six fish in the rip in about an hour, then he was gone and back with a board 20 mins later.

9:18 AM. Sat, Dec 6

7:52 AM. Tue, Dec 2

Harold Holt did it!!!

2:06 PM. Sun, Nov 30

More green bulls**t. Where is the proof it was caught by fisho's.

1:01 PM. Sun, Nov 30

No you halfwit. It was proven to be caught and washed into the net. But you probably can't read anyway.

10:15 AM. Wed, Nov 26

Sounds like we have a green on the site. Blaming fisho's for a dead shark. Boy, it must have been hard work taking the shark to the net and entangling it. Wake up to yourself you bell-end.

9:10 AM. Wed, Nov 26

most unlikely, particularly given the previous shark was removed 2 days before hand.

8:27 AM. Mon, Nov 24

White sharks upper jaws slide up and down. Probably just been there a few days.

8:44 PM. Sun, Nov 23

If you look closely at the photo it's rotting and upper jaw removed says it was killed a fair while and not by net but by fisho....

11:47 AM. Sat, Nov 22

What ya reckon,

There ahve always been "white pointers" at Bondi in summer....

8:26 PM. Wed, Nov 19

Ha, you reckon they will target ol' Bob. They love me down there because I am polite, undemanding and consistent. They have so many of my neighbours give them s**t that I am about 5k's down the list.

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