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  Low: 12:51 AM / 0.29 m. High: 7:00 AM / 1.59 m. Low: 1:12 PM / 0.20 m. High: 7:28 PM / 1.69 m. Sunrise: 6:24 AM. Sunset: 5:20 PM.
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Surf Wall Write on the Wall

9:39 AM. Sun, Apr 23

Farted, just.

10:08 PM. Sat, Apr 22

Just farted, Just saying,

1:05 PM. Sun, Apr 16

Me too, I'm sick of them Souffs fans throwing platic beer cups half full of piss............

9:48 PM. Sat, Apr 15

Sometimes I wish we had a missile shield

8:28 PM. Fri, Apr 14

Bye Bye Bunnies

Up the Roosters

6:40 PM. Fri, Apr 14

8:36 AM. Fri, Apr 14

Swell back, rock fishing in thongs.........

2:24 PM. Wed, Apr 12

the swell has gonesky

9:17 PM. Mon, Apr 10

Swell a coming. Ours will be on.

9:48 AM. Mon, Apr 10

Any reviews on current Bowlo tucker?

9:36 AM. Sun, Apr 9

Up the Tigers.

3:01 PM. Fri, Apr 7

Good luck waiting for someone to show up at Bowlo.

8:50 AM. Fri, Apr 7

i saw a police car with lights off and two c**tstables sitting in it next to Bolow waiting for sothing or someone .

4:35 PM. Thu, Apr 6

Good Friday Bar-B-Q behind Lexo shops. Bring a snags and a slab.

12:21 PM. Thu, Apr 6

Surf is good. Water is warm and clear. Happy days.

7:58 PM. Sun, Apr 2

The suck was the CEO of the SLSC was ripping them off for 9k a week 3 plus mill till busted the shifty dog.

4:44 PM. Sat, Apr 1

Surf Club are a suck hole for public and Gov. cash and need to be f**ked off. Thinking they would help is a joke.

FU HB you are getting a sling for electricity you sea hunt.......

7:19 AM. Thu, Mar 30

Southend late putting in submission. Perhaps the Taj Mahal surfclub could assist. Oh HB, you so funny!

11:51 AM. Wed, Mar 29

Perhaps they will give the money to a bohemian gay dance troupe.

10:05 AM. Wed, Mar 29

9:00 PM. Tue, Mar 28

Get ya goggs on and check out the shipwreck of the Hereward. At low tide its only around 20-30 metres from the sandbank. You can see the shadows from the shore and seas are quite calm. Jump in the rip in front of the surfclub and it will take you over the top of the wreck and its an easy swim back onto the bank after you pass over it. I saw Houso Bob collecting dubloons from the bottom yesterday.

11:22 AM. Mon, Mar 27

Water is so warm at the moment. Soooo gooood.

10:51 PM. Sun, Mar 26

Got in found a winner while scanning the pokie room for an addict. She went for a dart and left her credit open cashed out and bought her free drinks all night. She was depressed some bastard ripped her off. The relationship is off to a great start.

9:08 PM. Sat, Mar 25

Once you are in it will be harder to get out. Bingo at Imbas every morning for $3 a time and plenty of old shilas who need more than shouting "Binggo" to staisfy them.A cheap chow feed and a caraf of cask wine is the most I'll go to.

7:49 PM. Sat, Mar 25

Been standing in the drizzle for 40 minutes asking sign us in mate at the Imbas, what has the world come to.

5:55 PM. Thu, Mar 23

Typical off Houso Bob and his bludging Houso mob.

9:52 AM. Thu, Mar 23

7:32 AM. Tue, Mar 21

Make Lexo great again:

5:39 PM. Mon, Mar 20

So your saying aboriginals are the original illegals?

5:35 PM. Mon, Mar 20

Indigenous folk walked here mostly - perhaps with a bit of canoing also - At the time 80,000 years ago sea level as much lower so it was a hop skip n a jump in canoe from Indonesia. Sydney Harbour was a river valley at the time and standing where the Bra is today you would need a telescope to see any waves breaking a few kms out.

5:01 PM. Mon, Mar 20

I think if you are not a platypus you are a refo.....tongue-out

4:03 PM. Mon, Mar 20

Are rocks immigrants? They come out of volcanoes.

4:01 PM. Mon, Mar 20

How did those aboriginals get here......

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