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  Low: 5:09 AM / 0.23 m. High: 11:18 AM / 1.51 m. Low: 5:19 PM / 0.39 m. High: 11:30 PM / 1.61 m. Sunrise: 6:34 AM. Sunset: 5:25 PM.
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Waiting 8 hrs 36 mins for sunrise at 6:34am

Surf Wall Write on the Wall

7:34 PM. Wed, Aug 15

Is this Baazilian pary?

12:03 PM. Wed, Aug 15

Pary of Friday????
Supid to the T!!!

11:18 AM. Wed, Aug 15

bra is back and so 16 Bond St is! Pary this Friday and Saturday, come and see our not very young ladies, bring your cigies and drinks, have fun and you might get lucky as well. 16 Bond St, entry from rubbish bin bay at bona vista.

9:55 AM. Mon, Aug 13

We're back! Apologies for the 1 month outage. I was working overseas, and the hard drive failed on the server.

Finally back home after being land locked and... it's flat. 🙄

9:57 AM. Fri, Jul 13

12:47 PM. Thu, Jul 12

Another good day to be in the Houso and on the dole :)

10:52 AM. Wed, Jul 11

Nice sunrise and good surf today

7:46 PM. Tue, Jul 10

I afraid quality will turn you off from going to the fest

2:24 PM. Tue, Jul 10


1:32 PM. Tue, Jul 10

Here's the same chick before the first pint

9:24 AM. Fri, Jul 6

Go October

Image result for octoberfest girls

9:01 AM. Fri, Jul 6

in october? seriously ? there's octoberfest every weekend at bons st.

2:24 PM. Thu, Jul 5

Maroubra Fun Run & Oktoberfest - Sunday, 28th October 2018.

1:39 PM. Thu, Jul 5

16 Bond St Party Heaven explained! lets make it loud this weekend! We're also working on pool area for summer parties!


11:16 AM. Wed, Jul 4

here's the jump from lurine cliff

10:26 AM. Wed, Jul 4

Great surf now. Nothing like being in the Houso on the dole.....

8:56 AM. Wed, Jul 4

Not a rock fisher. A bungy jumper without the bungy.......

8:37 AM. Wed, Jul 4

an asian rockfisher? I don't know, just guessing.

1:07 PM. Tue, Jul 3

Anyone know who necked themselves at South lurline?

9:51 AM. Tue, Jul 3

There're plenty of old bags at 16 bond st, come around and pick it for yourslef free of charge. Good luck!

8:19 AM. Tue, Jul 3

I'm after a bag, it can be old but still in good condition for use, is there any with these criterias at bond st?

2:21 PM. Mon, Jul 2

Bond Street has all types of bags:

2:04 PM. Mon, Jul 2

Bond st hosted another great party on Saturday, looking forward another one.

If you need plastics bags 16 Bond St has plenty for free, just come around and ask for a bag.

8:22 AM. Mon, Jul 2

50% of items in the supermarket are in plastic or wrapped in plastic. Got to love plastic.

9:51 PM. Sun, Jul 1

true that!!! but have you heard of the negative impact on supermarkets turn over?
Perhaps they need to give a financial incentive to people to bring their own bag (a percentage point of purchases?)

1:18 PM. Sun, Jul 1

Good to see Woolworths handing out non-biodegradable bags for free........

Environmental tokenism at its best.

10:36 AM. Sat, Jun 30

Bulls**t? You should watch Parliment question time :)

7:44 PM. Fri, Jun 29

Bond St is a hoax I's an the f**king dingo been kipped out side for a week.

3:15 PM. Fri, Jun 29

I cant beleave how relentless this bulls**t on the wall has been for over 5 years as I check it out from time to time


1:55 PM. Fri, Jun 29

That's it. Be gone Communists and leftie riffrafs. Days are numbered.

12:58 PM. Fri, Jun 29

Good to see Bulls**tting Bill back down on Tax Cuts. We need a leader like Trump. Good to see his Travel Ban against Muslims got upheld. Now another left wing Judge is going he will put another right wing white up there. Making America great again.

6:31 PM. Thu, Jun 28

Eels on tonight. Good luck with that one.

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