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  Low: 4:56 AM / 0.51 m. High: 11:21 AM / 1.50 m. Low: 5:48 PM / 0.53 m. High: 11:44 PM / 1.27 m. Sunrise: 5:40 AM. Sunset: 5:53 PM.

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7:52 PM. Sun, Sep 24

Your girl is in your dreams hand man. Get over it and get a hooker.

7:43 PM. Sun, Sep 24

My girl is like this:

11:42 AM. Sun, Sep 24

Left hand doesn't count.

8:16 AM. Sun, Sep 24

Not since last night :)

10:49 PM. Sat, Sep 23

Haven't had a root in a while have you sport?

8:12 PM. Sat, Sep 23

Clearly my remarks are a piss take on Tony Abbot. They become more racist / bigoted and absurd as they progress. Now here is the REAL deal about all this. The mail order SURVEY is the most dangerous thing I have seen EVER in this country. Don’t we elect politicians to set the legislation and don’t we have the High Court to interpret such legislation? Now let’s take the absurd remark “I want all Muslims deported.Now, this mail order opinion survey is somewhat ok given we have a centre / right lower house. Let’s assume One Nation controls the lower house and can’t get the “deportation of all Muslims” through the Senate as an example. What stops them holding an opinion survey on that question? Imagine the bigotry and racism. I was AMAZED the High Court allowed this survey.

5:21 PM. Sat, Sep 23

Yes or No. come to 18 Bond St and tell us why, we are partying now. entry from Bona vista ave. Bring your dringk and ciggies, Old ladies are wating for your opinion.

12:57 PM. Sat, Sep 23

So, because of absolutely nothing that the vote was about.

In that case, I voted "Yes" because I wanted waves for summer.

8:46 AM. Sat, Sep 23

I voted "No" in the poofter / lemon plebiscite because:

I'm against political correctness.

I’m against Abos getting money for nothing.

I want all Muslims deported.

I’m against the Safe Schools program.

Vegemite is now Halal certified.

10:26 PM. Fri, Sep 22

Yes or No or yerno or I'd vote if I got my postal vote. The best game in town is scrounge round the houso units for disgarded mail. That's political clout at it's best. Vote more than once.

7:06 PM. Fri, Sep 22

"REFUGEE" has now become a diry word these days. The current policy is a total failure and it would have been more economical to resettle the poor barstards who you would never see in the street anyway and couldn't fill 10% of a football stadium.

12:59 PM. Fri, Sep 22

Imagine a similar argument 200 years ago.

No surprise that national boundaries are used to enforce the hegemony of the corporations

8:28 AM. Fri, Sep 22

Very well said . Could not agree more with you .

7:18 AM. Fri, Sep 22

Excellent letter from a veteran.

Slater and Gordon legal prostitutes ! BP.

An open letter to Slater and Gordon

I write on behalf of some of my peers and fellow Australians with regard to
your action in pursuing compensation for the illegal immigrants on Manus

These immigrants came to Australia without invitation, were rescued by our
Defence personnel who put their own lives at risk, were fed and lodged at
cost to Australian taxpayers and were free to return to their own country at
any time. The conditions in which they lived on Manus Island are no worse
than many legal immigrants who have arrived here for many years and who, in
times past, lived in conditions much less well outfitted than those on
Manus. They were able to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world
courtesy of the Australian people paying for the privilege of providing the
internet and telephone services.

You have stolen money from all Australians, with your alleged human rights
claim. We have people in our communities who are homeless, aged and sick who
need assistance also. Will you provide legal aid to them free of charge and
pay your own costs to represent them? I think not.

My disdain for your company and their ilk is immeasurable.

I sincerely wish that I could afford to take you to Court and that my
request that every illegal on Manus pay back the cost of their rescue and
board and lodging, would be granted. That will not of course happen due to
the fact that people like yourself have no shame and are willing to extort
monies from Australian taxpayers.
Forwarded by Ray Payne OAM
Veteranweb Network

7:16 AM. Fri, Sep 22

No, if you put 20,000 2 bedroom units in 80 story highrise all over that clapped out headland the housing prices would be less.

7:44 PM. Thu, Sep 21

the young people could afford to live here only if they have rich parents who could pay for it.

12:56 PM. Thu, Sep 21

Great walk, when you can use it. They should have turned the whole lot into high rise development like the Gold Coast. At least then young people could afford to live here.

12:03 PM. Thu, Sep 21
Conspiracy theories everywhere !!

11:25 AM. Thu, Sep 21

Great walk - not a waste.

11:22 AM. Thu, Sep 21

It's the same clip seal track they have out South End. You know, the f**king waste of public money that can't be used when the rifle range is open!!!

10:08 AM. Thu, Sep 21

That was probably happening as well. However, the helicopter was bringing in things, and dropping them off in the bush above where the huts are.

6:34 PM. Wed, Sep 20

They were working to remove all the old rifle club huts with asbestos....

3:48 PM. Mon, Sep 18

Ideal for all from Lexo to break in to the rear of houses along it.......

3:43 PM. Mon, Sep 18

Ah, cool, thanks. It'll be an amazing view from up there.

3:38 PM. Mon, Sep 18

An over priced walkway

3:35 PM. Mon, Sep 18

Anyone know what they are building on the headland?

10:32 PM. Sun, Sep 17

lol a ha ha whateva...

1:16 PM. Sun, Sep 17

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