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Mon, 30 Apr 2007
29 April '07..Jack Kelly taken by James Ambrose

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8:43 PM. Mon, Apr 30
what a wave...taken by a rather talented fotographer hahahahah
10:00 PM. Mon, Apr 30
Nice clouds.
8:09 AM. Tue, May 1
so formal Jack Kelly.. rather nice pictorial James Ambrose
5:34 PM. Tue, May 1
ambrose is a crap photographer and jack kelly...he is s**t neva herd of him
4:27 PM. Wed, May 2
i actually think that its a top foto and jack seems to be riding the wave very well.......whoever wrote the comment above^ is quite obviously a kook themself
5:03 PM. Wed, May 2
yeah maroubra
5:15 PM. Wed, May 2
yewww jack nice foto ambrose....this is a comment from that gay tom parramore kid .....hahaha i dnt care....nice wave
5:16 PM. Wed, May 2
oh yer i didnt pay out jack and ambrose i hav no clue hoo that was....
3:01 PM. Sat, May 5
s**t c**tt all he can ddo is pull in cant do anything else .. he is not out there unless its under 3ft the f**kin poof!!!
10:03 PM. Sat, May 5
who wrote this comment above ^^^ ..own up or you suck balls..c**ksucker
8:23 PM. Sun, May 13
shouldve been deeper!!
7:26 PM. Mon, May 21
solid waves stand ups wouldnt have made the drop ...welll they wouldve been on the shoulder soo maybe the wouldve ahah... nah nah boys peace in the water were all out the for the same reason to get f**king sick waves yewww keep it going my brother keep it going
11:49 AM. Fri, Jul 27
hahah shut your mouht james ambrose you maggot your such a bra boy wannabe what you got to say to that by the way your also gay because you bodyboard stand up proud you turtle rooter
5:13 PM. Sat, Aug 18
james ambrose is gay wannabe bra boy magot faggot c**k sucker mother f**ker
10:34 PM. Sat, Nov 29
how can he be a wana be bra boy when he's a bodyboarder..use sound pretty full of it
10:30 AM. Sat, Jan 24
oh yeah smartarse not all bra boys surf you d**khead so shut the f**k up MBK FOR LIFE! RIDE OR COLLIDE
7:46 PM. Sat, Feb 14
ambrose is a faggot. learn to bodyboard.. dont show your face in the water bra, you are a disgrace
8:52 PM. Wed, May 11, 2011
Who is Jack Kelly you ask !! The Kelly boys. All of em can fight, surf and have degrees you f**kknuckle.