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Tue, 28 Oct 2008

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8:45 AM. Thu, Oct 30
Good to see the surfboard is sun smart and slapped on a hat
3:49 PM. Thu, Oct 30
3:50 PM. Thu, Oct 30
didn't even see the surfboard
9:46 AM. Sun, Nov 2
yuk u guys r grose shes diesgustin lol
7:26 AM. Tue, Nov 4
I agree. it is not the right forum to discuss such disgusting topics such as sun protection. Long live the sun.
8:12 PM. Thu, Nov 6
10:08 PM. Fri, Nov 7
do yu rekon she can even surf?
3:34 PM. Wed, Nov 19
keep it clean. that could be your daughter
2:29 PM. Thu, Nov 20
what surf board?
10:10 AM. Sat, Nov 22
I got a great body thanks for the compliments
9:14 AM. Thu, Nov 27
you've crafted it well. And love the tan. Make sure your board keeps wearing that hat.
3:03 PM. Mon, Dec 15
hotttieee i would tap that
3:03 PM. Mon, Dec 15
hotttieee i would tap that
9:56 AM. Wed, Dec 31
yeah is a nice surfboard...
8:58 PM. Sun, Jan 11
he he
9:35 AM. Tue, Jan 27
get her on the surfboard and tap that S**t
7:35 AM. Sun, Feb 8
tap?, I'd drill it
2:55 PM. Fri, Feb 27
jackhamma it...
8:05 PM. Sun, Mar 15
8:06 PM. Sun, Mar 15
very nice how much
1:00 PM. Tue, Mar 17
the wax is going to melt
3:32 PM. Wed, Nov 13, 2013
I think I can smell it!