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Wed, 04 Feb 2009

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11:37 PM. Wed, Feb 11
I and the bluebottles are as one. Never been stung in 15 years. (I live in broken hill)
6:43 PM. Mon, Feb 16
2:46 PM. Fri, Feb 27
I want to have a fishtank at home and keep blue bottles in it...
3:07 PM. Sat, Feb 28
and dip your lil brother in the tank when he s**ts ya
4:20 PM. Thu, Apr 23
i hate those mother fffuukkkeerrssss. scared me for life u bastards
11:36 AM. Sun, Oct 18, 2009
yeah shat yourself i could smell it from here
1:49 PM. Mon, May 31, 2010
carl arena swallowed one and farted out a squid.
9:44 PM. Sat, Nov 27, 2010
worlds worst creation